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How To Fill Your Calendar


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Apr 14, 2004
Compiled by Senior Director Erika Soelberg/Ryan

Step 1: Gather all possible leads
Go back through all your drawing slips, preferred customers, past Pampered Chef hostesses, friends, neighbors, etc. List every name you can think
of that might be a possible show. Then, divide them into A-B-C order.
A=those easy to call-you know they want to have a show
B=those that are maybe's or were "call me backs"
C=cold bookings who you are approaching for the first time or those
that were leads from long ago that you never called back.
Step 2: Go through your calendar and decide every day you want to work in
the current month and the following month.
Step 3: Set aside a 2 hour block of UNINTERRUPTED time-evening will
give you much better results. Preschedule with your family-use a baby-sitter, if
needed. Go in your office and lock the door, or better yet, take your cell phone
and make your calls out of the house. Begin with the A's. Go through them all. Then go through the B's. Lastly, fill in with the C's, if necessary. Refer to the following scripts:
A&B's: "Hello, this is Susie Cook with The Pampered Chef and we met at
_____________. I am calling tonight because I so excited about the wonderful
extra incentives that Pampered Chef announced to help their June and July hosts begin an awesome summer. I am calling tonight to book my June and July dates with some really committed, motivated hosts and I remembered you. I would love to put you on my calendar if you think an incredible Summer show would work for you."
C's: "Hello, this is Susie Cook with the Pampered Chef. We met at _________show way back in ______________. I remembered that you had showed some interest in hosting a show then. Well, I just received some exciting news about Summer hosts and thought you might like to consider the chance to host a show again.
**Be enthusiastic. Let your hostesses feel your excitement in your voice.
**Know exactly what the host bonus is and how they earn it. Be able to discuss the benefits with confidence and excitement.
**When scheduling, try and book the first two weeks before the last two weeks.
Try very hard to book the current month first before scheduling anything for
next month.
**If you have a date 7-10 days away, consider offering an Express Show. That is
where you bring the food, and the hostess does her initial invites on the phone and uses the postcard as a follow up reminder. Sell the Express show as an incredible deal, because with you bringing the food, her expenses are almost nothing. That means more product free and clear. Plus, no hassles of grocery shopping and/ or preparing the ingredients. You do all of that for her. Then you choose some simple, inexpensive recipes.
**This script will work for booking any month...decide why it would be a great month to hostess a show and then convince your potential hostesses!!


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Apr 14, 2004
Asking For Pampered Chef Bookings

I have heard that it's important to always ask for referrals. When you are talking to someone and they say no. Always ask if they know of anyone who might want to host a Pampered Chef show. This is a good habit to get into and this is often overlooked even by seasoned consultants.