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How soon did you do cooking shows after having a baby?


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Mar 21, 2007
I am due in mid-July, and am trying to plan my calendar of when I will schedule my first cookings shows after delivering.

For those that have had babies while having their PC business (my first 2 were born before I started with PC), how soon did you go back to doing cookings hows? I especially want to hear from those that average 6-8 shows a month (or more).

I plan on having catalog shows going on, but I also want to stay on track for earning the Disney trip!!!


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Sep 20, 2005
I did my first show 2 weeks after I had my son. But - that was because it was with a good friend, and her show was already scheduled, and the invitations sent the day before I went into labor! (he came a month early!) I took Micah with me, and she held him the entire time I did the "demo". (I brought a prebaked brownie, and we did an ice cream sundae bar)

That was the beginning of June. I just did a couple shows a month that whole summer, and started back up in September with a regular show schedule.


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May 24, 2005
Well it all depends on you and how you heal. Have you had natural births or C-sections? after baby #2 and 2nd c-section I did not do a live shoe for 8 weeks but I had catalog shows. I would say it also depends on the level of help you have at home and from friends and family. If you have an easy birth I can't see why you couldn't do a show within 10 days to a week.


Dec 15, 2008
The only concern i would have is 1. are you BF and how soon do you want to get out and about and work and 2) can you get help carrying stuff in and out I would personaly wait 4 weeks just to give me my own personal space My doc would say 6. she TRYS to limit everything until my 6 week check just to cover all bases. after 6 weeks most women go back to work in corp world.... 8 with C-sect (I am lucky and get 10-12) if this is your first i would wait if not... you know your body find your comfort spot


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Jan 17, 2006
I joined in Sept when I was about four months along. My last show was December b/c I was put on bedrest after that. My son was born 4 weeks early in late Jan & I did my first live show in early Feb.