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How should I pursue this contact?


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Sep 20, 2005
Earlier in the month, I went to a family wedding shower.

The groom is my husband's cousin. I'd never met him, and DH hasn't seen him since he was a kid. It's DH's mom's side of the family, and obviously, they aren't close, and DH is about 20 years older than his cousin, the groom.

But - duty calls, and I was summoned to this bridal shower! My MIL, and two SIL, and I were all going in on a gift, so my MIL asked me to look online, see what the bride was registered for at BB&B, and find a PC equivalent. So I did. They were registered for grilling tools, and also lots of Wooden Tools. We bought them from PC:
Grill Basket
Grill Cleaning Brush
Grilling Spatula (or was it tongs? IDK)
Bamboo Spoon Set
Bamboo Spatula Set
Then, she also got the SB, and two rubs.

Well, at the shower - when she opened her PC products, everyone went NUTS! Her Maid of Honor threatened to "lose" those products on the trip home, and everyone started talking about what a great idea a PC Bridal Shower would have been. (duh!) I don't really know most of these people, and didn't even know about the shower until about 10 days before hand - so it wasn't a matter of me not speaking up...

Well, today I got a nice thank-you card from the bride. She LOVES her new PC products...right down to the SB cookbook, and thanked me. She than said that she wanted to keep me in mind for a PC show after the wedding. (first week in Aug. is the wedding)

Now, I've never met this girl before the shower, and probably wouldn't have any more family contact with her (or extremely limited) so do you think it would be wrong for me to send her a note back with a catalog?
I know her name, and now I have her address (return address on the Thank-You) but I don't have phone or email for her. She has my contact info - because I was smart enough to attach a label to the back of the SB before giving it to her. :p Just debating whether I should send her a catalog and a note saying I'd love to help her fill in her kitchen gaps after the wedding!


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Jun 25, 2007
"Just debating whether I should send her a catalog and a note saying I'd love to help her fill in her kitchen gaps after the wedding!"

I think that is a perfect idea and totally appropriate!


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Nov 4, 2005
I think that's a great idea, Becky. You can even suggest that she use it as a photo sharing party with pics from the wedding and/or honeymoon. That will make it a chaotic event, but people will remember it and will want to book their own shows.


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Mar 17, 2006
perfect idea Becky. Thisngs will be crazy for her for a while so don't expect her to do anything right away - The next Sell-A-Thon should be in Nov, get her to schedule someting early that month so her friends can buy Christmas presents.


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Nov 6, 2007
I think that's a great idea too! She obviously loves the products and is interested in a show. I don't think she'd be any different than a fair lead.

I don't think it would hurt to send the specials for August either ... they are AWESOME.


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Jul 25, 2007
Just make sure to put in your note that you don't have any of her contact information but would love to so you can get some more information to her.


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Jul 21, 2005
I agree with everyone, Becky on this. She expressed an interest down the road so you are not stepping on anyone's toes.

So nice to hear that your IL's asked you to pick out PC products as the gift from all of you! Great support!