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How Pampered Chef can help America save big $$

Jan 11, 2006
O.K. I just finished watching Oprah and her Part 4 of the Debt diet and something hit me...Pampered Chef can help America! I did some calculations of my own. Picture the average working family: mom and dad work, kids are in school...Everyone is tired...who wants to cook dinner? What happens? Mom or Dad pick up something to eat on the way home. Let's say a family of four eat out every night at an average of $25.00. That's $125.00 a week! A year, that comes to $6,500!!! That's not including weekends.

We need to let our guests know that the Pampered Chef is a life changing investment. The PC products bring healthy cooking, eating, and family time back to the table. Would you rather spend $6500 a year on eating out, or $100.00 on products that will change your family life forever? That's a savings of $6,400.

Not only will this increase our sales and bookings, but this will help alot of people who are literally addicted to eating out. I know this is true b/c every since I started using PC products, there is just something about them that make me want to cook more. Cooking is fun again and I really want to let others know that they can do it to!!


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Nov 3, 2005
I agree...

I so much agree with you. I've watched all four parts to the debt diet and it's crazy. The family on today eat out three times a day most days....I would get tired of eating out so much and I do agree that since I started selling PC that I cook 6 nights a week and i love it. PC somehow makes it easier and a lot more fun.


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Jul 23, 2005
i watched it to and have to totally agree. i am currently in the progress of trying to talk my DH into doing Dave Ramseys debt program. I have always loved to cook and do it so much more now that I am with PC. its a great incentive and when you start throwing numbers out people really seem to listen...great job!!
Feb 14, 2006
Now that we have my starter kit and the double burner griddle from Feb when I hosted a show, my DH is cooking all the time! He wont admit it, but I think he is really enjoying using the new stuff and experimenting in the kitchen with them. I think we use the DBG every day at least once. Great investment for only $46! I totally agree with the fact that PC can save us money. It definitely has helped us. Now that we are living back in the states (we were overseas with the AF for 2 years) my DH's paycheck is being taxed again so our income went way down. Plus, I am doing the SAHM thing now that daycare is outrageous (we had a nanny overseas) so we now need to tighten our belts and eating out just isn't an option. I would do a little demographics paper and display it at your shows...acutally, I might do this myself. Thanks for the thought!

~Kristen :)