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How many copies do you make @month?


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Jul 31, 2005
When you make copies for order forms, how many copies do you make? I always have way too many leftover.... So I thought I'd see what you all did as your starting point.



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Jan 8, 2006
I just print mine off of the computer or make copies per show after I get confirmations.
Sorry no help.


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Oct 6, 2005
I give ten outside order forms to each host. I have access to a copier and make copies for free, so I usually make about 80 copies to have on hand each month. Some months I throw half of them away (or use them as scratch paper) and other months I barely have any left. Just depends.


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Sep 13, 2005
Depends on the month

I look at my month and set a goal for the number of shows I want. So if I want 8 shows, I figure 5 for host before show 15 at show and 5 after show. That is of course 25 per show for a total of 200. Sometimes, I will just start with 100 and see how my shows are going. For May I already made 300 copies of order forms for 15 shows! Hope it isn't enough!!!!:D