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How many bookings do you get per show?


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Sep 7, 2005
I was just curious to all you veterans and newbies like myself. I am in my SS3 and just wanted to know how many bookings you average per show? And do you offer incentives or people just liked your show so much they book?

After doing over 14 shows I have only gotten 7 solid bookings and a hand ful of maybes. I haven't offered any big incentives yet~ maybe that's my next step to increase the # per show or to at least average 1 per show would be great for me!

I think it's getting better as I become seasoned but was just wondering for all you newbies how you are doing so far and how do you veterans manage per show?

thanks for any responses!

Lisa S

Nov 14, 2004

I have been doing this for a year and a half and for the last 6 months have been where I want to be for bookings (i.e. - I am now booking March as January and February are full)

I am not a big fan of additional incentives. I think it is okay to use them on occasion when you have nothing on your calendar and really need to fill it right away. But as for everyday, I think this company offers a lot of incentives for hosts. I don't need anything else coming out of my pocket.

I usually get at least one booking a show, sometimes more. It really varies on the crowd, how many people are there, and whether I am having a good day! But this is the one thing I do... I Ask Everyone!

I do the door prize slips, but I do not look at them (I am way to busy at the end of the show). As I call each person up to do their order, I make conversation with them..."did you have fun", etc. I tell them I have not had a chance to look at the DPS yet, and would they like to invite their friends over for a night of fun. I have had people say yes - who had marked no on their slip. If they seem hesitant, I tell them I am now booking for _____, but if that does not work for them, I would love to get them on my schedule in _____. Some people think that if they book, that you expect to be in their house next week.

I do take time during my demo to talk about the host specials and benefits. I ask them how excited they would be if they walked into their favorite store and were handed a $90 gift card! That's something they can relate to.

One other note... I am a bit of a control freak and have a hard time "letting my hair down". Last August, I made the mental decision to relax at my shows and just have fun. Last August is when my booking slump ended. So just have fun, cover the host plan, and ask everyone. The bookings will come.

Good luck!


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Jan 21, 2005
Ditto to everything that Lisa said! It was like I wrote it pretty much! I'm going to have to use this line that Lisa says. It's great!!
I ask them how excited they would be if they walked into their favorite store and were handed a $90 gift card! That's something they can relate to.

I average 2 bookings a show.

Outside of your shows find ways to bring PC into your conversations, wear something that says PC or at least carry a catalog or cookbook. Ask for referrals. Ask your hairdresser, doctor, etc. if you can leave catalogs there.

I don't offer many incentives either but I do point out what all PC gives their hosts and if I really need a booking or more sales I will offer an extra bonus at the close of the show (eg: $10 extra free if the show is $300; $20 if it's $500.).

One thing that I used to do before PC changed the booking benefit is that I offered the past host her show discount at any show booked from hers. That encouraged her to help me get and keep bookings. How it works is PC gives past hosts 10% off any future order and I gave her the additional % off that she had to spend at her own show (eg: she earned 25% off at her show so after the 10% that past hosts get from PC I would subtract another 15% and pay it as a Consultant Gift under payment method in her order placed on a show that was booked at hers. My commission is more than the 15% - or the highest it would be is 20% if the show was $800 or more so it cost me nothing more than I made on the order and I also got the commission on the whole party that I might not otherwise have gotten.). With the booking benefit that we now have I haven't found a need to continue that program.
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Apr 12, 2005
I have some shows I get 1-2 bookings and some shows I get none. In the beginning I can't say I was making sure I talk about booking 3 times in my shows, I don't always do it now but I try. I've been at this a year and I'm still "tweaking" my shows. I hope that my input has helped.

I ask them how excited they would be if they walked into their favorite store and were handed a $90 gift card! That's something they can relate to.

I never thought of wording the host benefits this way. I bet that does helps pull in bookings. I will be trying that.