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How long to get items?


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Aug 10, 2005
Once you submit your order, how long does it generally take for you to get the items?




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Oct 5, 2004

Lately HO has been turning around orders in about 48-72 hours, so depending upon where you (and/or your host) is located, it takes about 1 week-10 days to receive an order once it's been transmitted to HO. The end of the month tends to take a little longer, since everyone is transmitting to make month end deadlines. Mid-month, shipping is usually lightning fast!




Jul 6, 2005
HO is so fast now !

I submitted a show monday it shipped yesterday !! When i tell my guest usually a week or two they are all so surprised at how fast their orders come in !I love it !! :D
Aug 11, 2005
my shows tend to be shipping fast as well I put 3 in Monday and they all shipped. Now I only got one email notification that they shipped the rest I saw online. i just started with PC, this is my first SSM and Im at $1900 in commisionable sales with 3 more kitchen and 1 catalog show to go this month.. Off to a good start but only one solid booking for Oct others are pending and Ill be out of town the country in Nov for most of the month so Im trying to make my $4000 by Oct 31 and still have enough for $125o in SS3 which is Nov. We will see. Cant wait to get my SS bonuses.


Jul 31, 2005
Do we need to do something special to get emails when our orders ship? I haven't gotten any emails telling me this. I just check the website.


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May 6, 2005
I think as long as your email address is in the profile section of PP (where you enter your commission rate and stuff like that), you should get an email. If you're listed as the host and your email is included on the host info screen, you should definitely get an email. And I THINK HO should CC you on the ones that are emailed to your hosts if your info is in there. If it's not, then I don't know if HO automatically emails you. :)


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Feb 14, 2005
I have never received an email stating my shows have shipped. I wonder why I don't. I went and looked at my info on PP to make sure my email address was there and it was. How odd is that :confused:
Jun 29, 2005
shipping email

I figured out that the email is a CC of what they send to the host, so you only get an email if you have an email address listed for the host for them to get one. I always track anyways and let the host know when to expect it.

My orders are really fast here in MO - I sent in one Tuesday night and it says to expect shipment Friday!!! I LOVE it and so do the hosts that it is SOOO fast - of course, like mentioned before end of the month takes another day or two.


Kristen said:
Do we need to do something special to get emails when our orders ship? I haven't gotten any emails telling me this. I just check the website.

The only way you will receive an email that your host's show has shipped is if you put the host's email on the show order screen before submitting it. You are receiving a copy of the email sent to the host as a courtesy. Just having your email in the User Profile of PP does not generate an email, although it would be nice if they could set it up like that.


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Jul 29, 2005
Quicker Turnaround Lately

HO is really taking the committment to have better shipment turnaround SERIOUSLY! I submitted a show yesterday, which did not post until this morning and by Noon CA time, it had shipped. That's excellent customer service. CA shipments usualy say a week, but I have noticed they are being delivered sooner.