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How long does it take.....


Jul 12, 2005
Hi Everyone,

I am getting excited to receive my starter kit. How long does it take to come? I submitted my contract on line on Thursday July 21st. Also when should I expect to recieve an email from HO regarding my consultant number and password for the consultant's corner. I have already gotten 2 $150 orders :D and I want to submit them but not until the first 2 weeks in August so I can qualify for the consultant special.

Thanks for the information


Gold Member
Oct 5, 2004

You should receive an email from HO saying that your order has processed. When did you put in for your 1st SS month? If it's August, it will ship immediately, if you put September, they may not ship it until later in the week. Also, make sure you apply for a debit card right away so that you don't have any difficulties submitting your first two shows ! If your recruiter hasn't given you the application, ask for it. You will need your consultant to apply.

Great going and best of luck!! :D



Legacy Member
May 6, 2005
Usually soon after you receive the email saying that it's being processed, you'll receive another email telling you your consultant number and your password. I would think you'd get the email with your consultant number tomorrow. Then you can access Consultant's corner which is fun to just look around on as you wait for your kit. And you can apply for your debit card there.

Great job with already having two shows!! Way to go! You're off to a great start.