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Pampered Chef: Bookings How Far Out Do You Book

  1. jj16

    jj16 Member Gold Member

    I'm pretty new. I was wondering how far out a new consultant should book. I've heard both 2 weeks and 3 weeks. I was concerned that if you book 3 weeks out the host will lose interest. Thanks. Judy
    Apr 1, 2009
  2. raebates

    raebates Legend Member Staff Member

    It all depends on how full your calendar is compared to how full you want it to be. Booking in close is a good idea. It helps you to keep your momentum.

    Because I generally keep (my definition of) a full schedule, I routinely book 4 to 6 weeks out. As long as you're keeping in contact with your hosts, they aren't likely to lose interest.

    In both cases, host coaching is critical.
    Apr 1, 2009
  3. jenniwest04

    jenniwest04 Member

    Most of mine are booked 2 - 8 weeks in advance, but I do have one right now booked 6 months in advance--but it's a return host :) And at least I know I have one show this fall, LOL.
    Apr 1, 2009
  4. jj16

    jj16 Member Gold Member

    So if I understand correctly. I would love to have 4 shows per week but currently I have none. So I would go ahead and book 2-3 weeks out until I start getting shows on my calendar then as I book at shows go 4-6 weeks out? Thanks. Judy
    Apr 1, 2009
  5. raebates

    raebates Legend Member Staff Member

    That's right.

    Like Jennifer I also will book hosts 5 or 6 months from their current show.
    Apr 1, 2009
  6. ChefBeckyD

    ChefBeckyD Legend Member Gold Member

    I book all over.

    Last night, I booked a show for next week, and also for the week after that. However, I think that is an exception. I was THRILLED with those 2 bookings, because the next two weeks are Spring Break/Easter weeks, and I always have a hard time booking those weeks. Other than that, I am booking the last two weeks of May and first two weeks of June. Like others, I routinely book 4-6 weeks out, but often get bookings for 3-6 months out. One of my shows I have in June was booked at the beginning of this month, because the host wants to have an outdoor Grilling party, and the weather here isn't consistent enough to do that until June.

    I also have hosts who book from their own show for another show, and those are usually 6 months out. I have a host who has a Cooking Show in November, and then always books a Catalog Show for the new Spring Catalog from her November show. She is doing her Spring Catalog Show right now.
    Apr 1, 2009
  7. jwpamp

    jwpamp Veteran Member

    Ha! Ha! I just started booking shows for November! My holiday months book quickly, my hosts have caught on, and now they are calling me to book them.

    May I suggest that you re-book your host for the same time 1 year from the date of your show? I always call to re-visit it 2 months before the date to make sure it will hold, but if you do this you will always have that many more bookings when the next year comes around!
    Apr 1, 2009
  8. gailz2

    gailz2 Senior Member Gold Member

    Normal bookings for me are within 2 months -- repeat hosts 6-12 months.
    Apr 1, 2009
  9. BlessedWifeMommy

    BlessedWifeMommy Veteran Member

    Usually 4-6 weeks. When someone wants a show in a couple of months, I find it is hard to get them to book an actual date. I tell them I'll put them on my list and get back with them. (Say they want a June show, I'll call them the first week of May.) They don't need to know it isn't a long list. :)
  10. PamperedK

    PamperedK Veteran Member Silver Member

    I'm usually booking 4-6 weeks out too...but sometimes I book a few months out. I have shows booked right now for June and July although I am still booking up my May.

    That said, definitely don't focus on months that are farther out than you need. So if you still have openings for April, keep booking April. If your May isn't full, don't talk about June.
    Apr 1, 2009
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