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How does our host program compare???


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Sep 7, 2005
Just curious and wanted to be able to brag about our amazing host program compared to other direct selling companies like MK, Partylite, tupperware, Crystal house etc? Anyone know how we rank? I want to say #1 of course but I haven't the slightest clue what other host programs are like? :confused:


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Oct 6, 2005
I know that it's way better than Tastefully Simple.

Hosts with TS get only 10% of the guests sales in free product. Then there are other special guest items they can purchase (or get for free?) when they reach certain sales level. They cannot choose these items, they are already chosen for them.

I have done two joint TS/PC shows and the host gets MUCH more from PC.


Dec 19, 2005
Lia Sophia

I hosted a Lia Sophia show for a friend of mine who hosted a PC show for me. A qualified show is $250.00. A host gets 20% of sales in free jewlery credits, then you discounts after that. Their host program isn't spelled out as nicely as ours is. You pretty much have to ask an "advisor" as they are called, to find out any info. I know that sounds kind of petty, but I just like how a person can look at one of our catalogs or on our websites, and get pretty much any information they are looking for. Sometimes I like to have my questions answered by just looking at a website and not have to talk to somebody. Just my 2 cents.



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Jun 20, 2005
Longaberger v/s Pampered Chef

One of my best friends decided to sell Longaberger instead of PC because as she said "I don't like to cook!" This comes from a person that just used one of her half-priced items to purchase the 10-pc set. :rolleyes: I was trying to get her to sell PC and use her kit credit! But she signed with Longaberger and paid $400 :eek: for her kit!

So, back on topic! Their shows start at $150!

$150-$249= 1 50% off item
250-349=1 50% off and $25 Hostess dollars

That's just the first 2 lines but I feel our hosts get so much more! Because our hosts don't pay shipping and their hosts do unless they can sell at least $750 dollars in products and they only get $75 in FREE and 2 50% off items at that point! So ours in MUCH MUCH better!


Feb 6, 2006
I've never even heard of Longaberger or Lia Sophia, though I did attend a tastefully simple party once...

Most people are partied out that I know...but Pampered Chef...for some reason they are still interested in.


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Jan 27, 2005
Party Lite

I have hosted a couple of Party Lite shows and here's how their Hostess bonus works.

You get 25% of the guest sales in free product value if one person books at your show and holds their show within 30 days - otherwise you get 15%.

You get one half-priced item with every $25o in guest sales.

If two or more people book shows (but the first has to be within 30 days and the others within 60 days) you get booking gifts (after the shows have happened)

They also have monthly host specials.

There is definitely more pressure on the host/guests to book, as the FPV is dependent on at least 1 booking