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How does one get started with Fundraisers?

Feb 4, 2006
I'm a new consultant and the fundraisers really interest me. However, I need the most basic information.

For example, is there a list of organizations to get the brainstorming process going? And then how do you know who to contact there?

Then, is phone/personal contact better than a letter and flyer? I like the idea that someone who may not consider it immediately might have the flyer on their desk to consider the next day or someone who walks by may have it or they have it to discuss with someone else.

Anyway, I have a little bit of a list going but I'm clueless who to contact at these places and I know there are plenty of places that haven't even crossed my mind.

Please help! I really want to do well in my super starter period (SS month is Feb and I only have $211 in sales so far!).



May 12, 2005
Try to get in tuch with the person responsible for the activty/FR of the organisation you can get their name by calling but I will say it's better to met with them in person. It's a lot easier to explain what the FR is all about and the product and why a PC FR would be great for them.


Veteran Member
Oct 22, 2005
Just Call

I'm new but have two fundraisers scheduled - one by suggesting it at a show, one by me knowing my neighbor had a small foundation in honor of her daughter. I just called another non-profit (our local literacy council) after doing minor research about them and their other fundraising events. They are VERY interested and I only spent a few minutes talking to them. I didn't even know who to talk to before I called.

My experience with nonprofits is that the govt and big foundations give money with conditions. They have little flexibility in how they spend it. Nonprofits like to get "free" money that they can use as they see fit so you have something valuable to offer.

Good luck and thanks for this post. It prompted me to call...BEE