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How does a fundraiser work?


Silver Member
Mar 11, 2006
Hello! I am in my 1st SS month. I am doing everything I can to get my business up and running. I am having a mystery host show this weekend, I just had my first show, and I have two more shows coming up soon. I was going to have an open house for my church to see if my church family would be interested in helping me get started. Since planning some of these events, I have learned that my sisters close friend is dying of cancer and I am thinking of making this show for my church a fundraiser, if I can get the girl's family to okay it.

How does this work? I am not really sure how a fundraiser works? I know that if I sell $600 worth of products her family will get 10% and if I sell more than $600 her family will get 15% of the show. I am new to this so any advice would be great.

Also, I know I get 15% of the commission but how does this effect my Super Starter Monthly Bonus and the plus bonuses? If I sell $2000 worth of product does this count toward my monthly bonus and the plus bonus? Sorry for so many questions but I am just trying to learn how this works. Thanks!