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How do you prefer to do a show??


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Feb 24, 2006
before I ever thought of becoming a consultant, I went to the best PC show ever. The lady just got up, introduced herself and did her recipe..and as she prepared the food-she would talk about each tool..but it wasn't a real "sales pitch" if you know what I mean. She would ask the guests questions about their own products etc....it was soo smooth. It really showed how easy it was to use the PC products.

Since then, I have attended a few other shows...and they are more the long spiel about the products and just a few minutes on preparing the food.
(which to me-well, I never liked as a consumer! I got bored sitting there after a while....LOL)

so now that I am a consultant, I am trying to figure out how to do my shows. How do you do it? Do you really focus on products?
and how many items do you serve? I have noticed on here that many people mention 2 food items, but I have never been to a show where they did 2! LOL

Oct 21, 2005
I prefer one recipe...

I feel like the night can drag on if you do more than one. I know everyone's as anxious to get home as I am so I try to keep it short. I explain the recipe but talk a lot about the tools I'm using and others that work well with cross selling. I always talk about cookware and stoneware at the beginning of the show.

I, too am conscious of sounding like I'm just a big commercial so really try to enjoy myself and pray that they are enjoying themselves too. Pampered Chef has made it so easy for us with their high-quality products and great reputation that it doesn't take much on our part to convince the guests to try a product! That reminds me, I always talk about the guarantee at the very beginning when I'm explaining the order form to them to make sure they are aware that everything they buy can be taken for a "test drive" to make sure they really like the product. And that it is completely risk-free for the first three weeks (it's actually a month from when it shipped to hostess but you never know when a hostess delivers the products!)


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Jan 17, 2006
We all want dessert!!

I usually have one main dish or appetizer that I serve and then I have dessert. You gotta have dessert....well all of my hosts love their dessert.
I usually demo the first one and the dessert is pretty much all done by the time I get to the host's home, and I just squirt some whipped cream on top of desserts, sprinkle chocolate and nuts on the puffs, or drizzle warm chocolate sauce on the torte.
It is great to see their eyes light up at a dessert that hardly took me any time to prepare.
And a little sample of food, a little sample of dessert makes for good customers!!
As far as running smooth I have fun so I don't sound like I'm reading a script. I try different things and try to be creative about games and I try to make sure everyone has fun. I really talk about the great uses and features of our products by explaining my personal uses for them.
I am being honest and at the same time giving them facts they can really use. I always talk about host benefits and I love when I have people at a show that love PC, they sell the stuff for me!! You can actually cross sell so many items with one recipe. It's great to make all the PC tools accessible in your home to use everyday. So you can become familiar with them, and become comfortable using them. I met a consultant once who had her PC stuff still in her crate for her next show, I told her she needed to get them out and practice. She did and told me it made a huge difference.


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Nov 4, 2005
I've taken to doing the Mom's Apple Crisp in All the Best. It's kinda fun to dust off the apple corer/peeler/slicer again and let some of the guests try it. It opens the door to talk about stoneware again, and the whole thing microwaves in 15 minutes.

Of course, it helps to find out before the show if the host has a microwave oven large enough to hold a deep dish baker. My last host had one of those microwaves for doing nothing larger than a pot pie.


But people sure love the taste of a fresh, hot dessert. (Just not at that show.)