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How do you julienne carrots with US&G

Chef Laurie

Aug 19, 2005
I'm relatively new at using my US&G and am wondering what the best way is to julienne food, especially carrots. Couldn't seem to get it to work easily, without a lot of elbow grease. I know this isn't how it's supposed to work, and I'm sure it's I, not the product. Any tips on this--I want to demo it at my next show and want to be confident about it.

I'm finding that the food holder doesn't seem to be big enough to hold the food I want to slice. I've heard that some people start out without the food holder, but I'm a little afraid to do this--eek!


Advanced Member
Nov 24, 2004
To julienne carrots with the US&G

I cut the carrots in smaller pieces about 2-3 inches. Push them onto the holder and cut away. It does require time and practice, therefore I don't usually demo that one. I am also one who does not use the holder until I get to the last 1/2 of the ingredient. I always use the guard on the smaller items. (there's already a post on the US&G regarding guard / no guard)
Personally, I like our little julienne peeler. Even though the stips are thinner, it's quicker for me.


Dec 22, 2005

As I sit here and type this I have a bandange on my index finger. I too was trying to do carrots on Fri. My husband and my son both reminded me to use the guard and I was having a hard time with it, and decided to forgo it. I took off the tip of my finger! Thank God I wasn't at a show.My vote? Use the guard! I thing I will stick to a knife! :eek:


Novice Member
Nov 29, 2005
Rotate the carrot

Try rotating the carrot as you julienne it. I suggest using the paring knife, it small, sharp for sure and good grib. Hold onto the end of carrot and rotate as you go along. By cutting this way, the carrot cooks evenly. That's just the way how the chinese prepare thier carrot for stir-fry dish. :)

Margaret Sadoian
Kitchen Consultant



Many years ago I sliced the tip of my pinky in half using one of those mandolin style slicers. I was cutting zucchini with it. Required a dozen stitches. I vote for using the guard ALL THE TIME. I still have a big scar to remind me!