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How do you handle a large crowd?


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Sep 7, 2005
I'm thinking I have 25-30 guest showing at my Grand opening this sunday. I am making all of the dishes beforehand. And was thinking about doing the Amazing potato demo but How have you handled demoing with a large crowd? Any suggestions, input, advice would greatly be appreciated!



Aug 5, 2005
I would sugest doing a mystery hostess show and give tickets for things like:
-being on time
-bringing a friend
-spending $50
-bring an outside order
things like that, and every 20 min. you pull a ticket for a door prize. That way you get everybody's attention frequently throughout the show.
I've never had a open house type show but I've heard there more like get togethers where everyone walks around, looks at the new products, enjoys conversation good food.
Doing the amazing potato demo is a good idea, but you might also try playing the "Pampered Chef" game poker style. How you play is whenever you say Pampered Chef the first person to hear you gets a playing card. (you should buy at least 2 decks of cards) at the end of the night the person with the best poker hand gets a prize (make it a good one, $15 or so, that way more people are going to try and listen to you all night to win that prize!!!)
the key is to say "Pampered Chef a lot during the demo.
I hope that helps a little.

Good luck with your grand opening. It really seems like you have an excellent start with your business. Congratulations :)


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May 6, 2005
Hi Heather,
With groups this big, I can tell you what MY experience has been. It's much easier for people to get distracted by their neighbors and carry on conversations WHILE you are up there talking, which is so frustrating. Who knows, maybe your group won't be like this, but I know my bigger groups have been like this. Although even some smaller groups are, so you never know. I think it's rude, but I try not to act like a dictator because I want people to have fun.

When I've had big crowds like this, the main thing I go into it thinking is that chances are there will be some talkers in the group. Don't get offended if people are chatting through most (or all of your demo). I've just learned there is very little you can do about this and maybe beforehand designate one of your friends who is comfortable doing this to be the person that tries to keep them quiet. Another suggestion is to give the "chatty Cathies" jobs that they can do during your demo. Have them come up and chop or do something like that. Some people hand out envelopes with individual "Use and Care Cards" in them with the name of the product written on the outside and when a particular person is being noisy, ask them to open the envelope and read the card. Giving the talkative people jobs can help.

Sometimes I've just had to direct my demo to the side of the room that is paying attention. I like the idea of sprinkling the word "Pampered Chef" in your demo and when people catch it and say so you can give them a playing card or a raffle ticket. One issue that might come up is I might forget to give people the tickets/cards so you might need to designate someone to do that for you or I wouldn't want to have to worry about doing this through my demo - especially if it's really my first one. Or if you keep stopping to do this, your demo would end up being long.

As for doing a demo for this size, I would say to go ahead and do it, but have all the other stuff already done or in the oven. Pick a recipe that shows a lot of products and prep each step pretty much all the way. Save just a tiny bit to do for the demo. This will go much faster. Or just do the Amazing Potato Demo. Obviously highlight the heck out of the host benefits to encourage bookings. I've heard on this site that people have made a huge poster board with a big hand and five dates on them and saying "Please give me a HAND in starting my business" and make your goal to get five bookings from your GO that you don't already have.

When I feel I've "lost" the group when they are that big, I just go on, get done with the demo with trying to sprinkle in as many tips and pieces of information as I can and hope for the best. Chances are, this will be a very successful show for you, even if people don't pay attention, they'll likely place orders. The only bummer is not being able to highlight the bookings as much, so definitely mention this at the beginning when you have their most attention and as much during the rest of the presentation as possible. In a situation like this, it's a very good idea to ask about bookings with EACH person as they are checking out. Do a little 1 minute ad with them to encourage bookings.

Hope that helps! AND....be sure you are taking care of yourself!!! I know you've got tons going on and it's stressful for it all to be happening at once, but you need to get your sleep as best you can. If you feel yourself coming down with something, take some Vitamin C. My mom swears by it! :)
Aug 24, 2005
Open House

I am expecting 35-40 at my open house Sunday. I mailed 65 invites. I am so ready for this and very excited!!!! I have the day off from work today so I have been on the phone all morning trying to get outside orders.I have made 40 calls and every single call has been a "NO" so right now I am so frustrated :( I don't know what else to do. This is my second month and I'm
trying so hard because my first month was a disaster only 1 show,with a few bookings but they keep postponing their dates. About 20 people I've talked to
says maybe after the new year they will order but not interested in hosting a show not even a catalog show.(I'm thinking, What is wrong with you) :D HELP!!! How do you get them interested????
I've talked so much this morning that I am losing my voice :eek: Right now I am thinking maybe I made a mistake trying to do this. I will see how my party turns out Sunday them I'll decide what to do. Any advice you can give me will be greatly appreciated. My director has emailed me once since I signed up and that was after my first party last month just to see what my sales were :confused: I have thought about calling her but decided to post here instead.Please respond asap. Thanks
Oct 18, 2005
Open Houses are tricky

Ok Sweetie, Listen to experience Less then half show more then likely 1/3 plan on showing then split it again and that is of people that said yes I will be there! so more like 12 to 15 tops! The open houses are hard to get people to come too many hours to pick from so may I suggest that you call everyone you sent a invite to tell them your doing 2 demos and pick 2 times ask which 1 they think they could come to. a demo is just like show and tell you don't have to do a complete demo unless you want to good luck to you! oh yes there are plenty of people out there that don't need to be convinced to have a party! friends often are the last to help out like we think they should! don't give up! Andrea


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Sep 13, 2005
My best advice to you is to deal with a large crowd with HUMOR! You need to keep the show fun and light and short! The more people the easier they get distracted!