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How do we get the new spring products?

Jan 11, 2006
Hello fellow PCCs! I hope all of you have a great Spring/Summer season starting up this march.

I am entering my super starter month 2 and I have 6 shows booked and confirmed. Yea! I would love to show off some of the new products comming out. Is there any way that we as consultants can get these? If so, do we have to buy them or is there a way we can earn them?

Thanks guys. You are alll awesome when it comes to answering our "newbie" questions :D


Dec 14, 2005
You can order the samples at half price in packages. I ordered pkg D even though I really wanted A but didn't want to spend that much just starting out. Next year we will have the change to win the stuff since we won't be new anymore :D


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Jan 22, 2005
Go to Consultant's Corner....Managing Your Business...Samples and Supplies....Order Product Samples. You can choose any package that fits your budget. Remember the cost is tax deductible :) Also, if you don't have some of the products that are featured in our Cucina Italiano recipes (Rice Cooker Plus, Easy Accent Decorator, etc) you can purchase them on your supply order form at half price. You can also get one of the pieces of Executive cookware!