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How do returns under guarantee work?

Oct 20, 2005
a customer of mine has an oval baker that she needs replaced. still under the warranty, she can get it replaced outright, correct? and if she wants to mail it in to get it replaced, does she have to pay for the shipping to mail it in? or can i get a postage-paid label for her (through customer service)? she said if she has to pay shipping to send it back for a replacement, then she might as well buy a new one b/c it'll probably cost a lot to mail it. i can't imagine PC making you do that--no one would bother buying things that had warranties if they had to mail back the product on their own dime.

thanks. i'm new, and totally confused.


Legacy Member
May 24, 2005
on the stones my understanding is she just needs to send in a piece of the stone if it broke. i have sent a few things back and it hasnt really cost me to much to do it.