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How do I get back into the grove of things

PC Latoya

Novice Member
Oct 7, 2005
Hey everyone
I need some inspiration. I started PC about 8 months ago and haven't really done alot of shows. Now i am not feeling so inspired. I really want to keep doing it but i dont know how to feel excited about it again. Its not that i dont love the products because i absolutely do. I was a customer for about 3 years befor i joined.
I dont have any show booked right now but i wanted to do a open house for the new products. I do have several possibilities for shows though. So anyway i am just looking for some suggestion on how to raise my level of enthusiasm right now.
I also have several leads because i did 2 vendor events recently. Any suggestions?


Sep 5, 2005
I'm with you

I know how you feel. My shows slowed way down over the holidays and I want to get back into it and get bookings.

So far I have sent the new mini-catalogs or the Spring catalogs to my past customers. A few weeks later I called them all to see if they got the info plus customer care stuff - a few had questions but none were interested in booking a show.

My next move will be going back to my list of 100 and connecting up with them - letting them know of the new spring stuff and, the hard part for me, ASKING if they will hold a show for me. I'm hoping once I start doing shows again the bookings will follow too.

I've had an Open House and a Taste Testing Show, both with little turn out. I was a little disappointed, but I figure you have to try lots of things before you find one that works for you. Also, I'm not good at doing all those themed shows so I'm just going to stick to the basic Cooking Show - I'm going to offer potential hosts a choice of Italian "Sweet" or Italian "Savory". Then I'm not running around like crazy trying to think of a "cool" recipe idea, games, scripts, etc.

Some others ideas: for your Open House use any OLD catalogs, with a sticker saying something like "Come on over and see the new catalog...", then drop these off to your neighbours, etc. If you have any old PC recipe cards put your info on it and pass them out. That's where your PC website, if you have one, will come in handy - hopefully those people will take a few minutes and check it out.

I love going to Cluster meetings, mainly to get ideas, inspiration and support from other Consultants. Try go to another Director's Cluster meeting too. In Canada we've been having Success Seminars from the Home Office. If there is something similar in your area GO. It was great to get training from HO and see a Cooking Demo by a top Consultant. It was awsome to be able to pick their brains. One top idea was to get out your calendar/planner and use it - write in your everyday stuff, to-do-lists and use the goals list on the side. Don't let your planner get covered with dust.

This site is also great for inspiration and support. (thanks Deb and Greg!)

I love all the products and I love the company and what it stands for. I do not want to throw in the towel just yet.

Best of Luck, Linda