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How do Fundraisers work?


Jun 15, 2005
Please give me so info about Fundraisers...I'm interested in doing one for a school but don't understand what % the school would get. Also do we get our commission on the fundraisers?


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Oct 6, 2005
For sales under $600, the school gets 10%. For over $600, the school gets 15%. The chairperson from the school can purchase the host special of the month as a thank you, otherwise there are no other host benefits.

Our commission is either 15% or 17%, depending if you have your $15k career sales yet.

Edited to add that the booking benefit for future shows does not apply either because the school would be getting an extra $3 for every booking. However, if the fundraiser was booked from another show, the prior host can purchase the booking benefit through the fundraiser.
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