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How are the Success Seminars


Nov 8, 2005
Has anyone attended this year's success seminars yet? How was it? What did you learn? I'd like to go and I'm wondering if it's really worth spending most of my Saturday there...
Feb 14, 2006
Hi, I went to the one in Calgary a few weeks ago, just the morning session though cuz I had a show in the afternoon. The morning was a Cooking Show demo, the afternoon was about building bookings and recruiting. I enjoyed it, I've never really been to cluster meetings or anything like that. The ladies were really enthusiastic and gave some good tips, and they went over a lot of the new product coming out. Plus we got PC stickers and other little goodies - and free stuff is always good! :)

I don't really know any other consultants in my area, so it was nice to be in a supportive environment, it made me pretty excited about spring! I've been making fliers like crazy and I'm doing my first bridal fair in 1 1/2 weeks :eek:


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Nov 23, 2005

I attended one in London last year and found it was quite useful. Used a lot of ideas from it and learned from others at the meeting. I recommend if you can go, GO!


Sep 5, 2005
Success Seminar WOW!

I just got back from the Success Seminar in Vancouver. It was fabulous!

Got lots of ideas and lots of motivation. It was also great to meet other Consultants that you would never run into. Janice Gerol was excellent, as always, and Francine Fortier was fantastic, what a bundle of energy.

I thoroughly recommend if you can get to one of these seminars GO! In fact, do anything you can to attend. It is well worth it!



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Jan 9, 2006
Burnaby Success Seminar

I too went to the success seminar and it was all Linda says The cooking show demo done by Francine was fantastic, it is easy to see why she is so successful in her business.
Great learning and best of all I made contact with a group of ladies on the ferry ride home and booked them for a show, how cool is that?