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Housing Community Fair ??

Apr 21, 2006
Hi everyone!
I just got a message from our community life desk - they are doing a Taste o Hometown and asked if I wanted to set up a table for my PC Business.
ABSOLUTELY! Since i've been doing this since Aug and I am my best customer. I would like to sell to other people. =)
But i don't know what to do?!!!
i figurd i would maybe make the applebery salsa and have that in my small bowl caddy and have some recipes out and do a drawing...
I'm so excited that I don't want to miss anything basic.

Yesterday I submitted my supply order and got another 25 catalogs - i figured that would get me threw the summer months... now i wish I ordered more!! Guess i could if this takes off...

Any thoughts?


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Apr 13, 2004
Got a tip for you.

We had one here in Racine Wisconsin last October I believe and a couple of consultants from the area were set up there. Together of course. All they did was s simple display of products and had drawing slips out. That was all. I know a lot of people had put in drawing slips so...
Sometimes the bet thing is to keep it simple. The LemonAid lady suggested that one product would be best. Simply put out something great. Then ask people if they are party people? Then explain wha you do if they ask or say yes. (I am not so sure I would go that far as to show only one product but...) But I love the line about being party people.
Best thing, keep it simple! To much is distracting from being able to talkt o people.