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Hot Artichoke & spinach dip Question

Feb 25, 2006
has anyone tried this?
I love it in restaraunts and want to know if you've used canned cream spinach over frozen and if you've used the unmarinated artichokes.

Just curious.


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Feb 25, 2006
HI Shari

I've made it. You use frozen spinach and canned artichoke hearts.. or I guess you can use the frozen artichokes as well. The one I made used mayo and sour cream as well.
Nov 28, 2005
This is one of my all-time fave recipes! I always use the creamy spinach - it makes it a little more like TGIF's dip. I actually didn't read that closely the first few times I made it, and I used regular artichoke hearts instead of marinated. I kinda like the regular better - less "oily".
Feb 14, 2006
Word of caution...

I too loved this recipe and made it when I hosted a show for my recruiter right before I signed. It was really good so after the show I put it in a Ziploc container and saved it in my fridge thinking it would make a great lunch/snack later on. So, maybe two days later I warm it up and eat it for lunch because my father in law was coming to visit and I had a million things to do and needed to eat quick. So I ate the dip and about 4 hours later I was puking my guts out. I got food poisoning soooo bad and was dehydrated so bad my eyes were drying out. It was absolutely HORRIBLE!! I have never been so sick in my whole life and let me tell you (not to be graphic) but spinach and artichoke has to be hands down the WORST thing to throw up EVER!! It makes me gag just thinking about it!! SO, please, please, please don't save it if you make it!!!! Tell your hosts to throw what they didn't eat at the show OUT or they will be sorry!! I know it was because it sat in my fridge because I ate it at the show and was fine. The funny thing was I didn't even have it in there that long...Scary!! Hope I didn't gross anyone out, but just wanted to keep someone else from getting as sick as I did!!

~Kristen :(


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Nov 3, 2005
I have made it for several shows with the garlic bites very yummy. I use frozen cream spinach(have used fresh and reg frozen spinach not the same). I choose to use the marinated artichokes because I like the flavor it adds to the dip. IMO

Make sure you try it before a show and see what you like better, I also suggest to my guest that they can add fresh avocado to it, that's very yummy!:D
Feb 19, 2006
Does anyone have a recipe for this that doesn't call for mayonnaise? My daughter loves this dip, but will not touch mayo. The recipe she uses is cooked on the stove, but has so many onions that my house smells for days. Maybe using creamed spinach eliminates the need for mayo.

Kristin, I'm sorry that you were so sick! Don't you hate it when you're sick after eating a favorite food? It makes it hard to eat again (it took me years to go back to tuna!).