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Hosting Bingo


Jan 13, 2005
I am planning a Bingo Show for past host and preferred customers at the end of this month. I want to get the invitations in the mail by this Wed. Does anyone have any suggestions about the format for the show? I want to give tickets for different incentives (e.g. bring a friend-get a ticket, book a show-get a ticket, join my team-get a tickey, etc.) Any suggestions would be very helpful. TIA



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Feb 3, 2005
Not sure if this will help, but here is what I have. This is a tic-tac-toe game you can use at the show. Haven't used it (someone else made it up). I know at Leadership there was one class where they talked about doing a tic-tac-toe game with guests. I didn't take that class, but someone else may have.


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Jan 21, 2005
I'm doing a bingo show on Sunday. I made the cards at the following web site: http://www.gatheringbasket.com/cgi-bin/open_home.pl?

You can make bingo cards and other games there. Anyway, I made the cards using PC words and as I draw the words i'll say a little something about each. The prizes are some discontinued and some brand new products. I am selling the cards for a nominal price to recoop some of the costs of the hall and prizes.

I'll let you know how it goes!

Here's the flyer I put out:


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Jan 13, 2005
Bingo Show (sorry Long)

Thanks for all the great ideas. It looks really great with graphics of new spring products on the original copy. I have invited 40 past hosts and preferred customers. Here is what I came up with:

You are cordially invited
to a
Pampered Chef Mystery Host Bingo Party
given by Your Consultant, Sherri McGuffee
On Saturday April 30 at my home. (5143 Lincoln Road Ext., Hattiesburg)
Time to be announced. Directions upon request.
We've added a Splash of color to our new product line
that is an absolute must see!!
Please RSVP before April 11 by calling me at (601) 264-3734
At the completion of this very special Pampered Chef show, ONE LUCKY GUEST will be chosen to receive the MYSTERY HOST benefits from this show!!!!
As a Mystery Host you could receive the following:
Hostess cash credits-good for FREE products!!
Up to FOUR half-priced items!!
10-30% discount on any additional (unlimited) products!!
10% discount for one full year
The more people that come and the more orders that are collected,
the more the Mystery Hostess will earn for FREE!!
Will it be you?
I will be preparing some recipes from our new Spring/Summer Season's Best recipe collection. I'm sure you will love it!!
Please let me know if you are bringing friends. I don't want anyone to leave hungry!!
I'm looking forward to our get-to-gether!!
Sherri McGuffee
(601) 264-3734 [email protected]

Here is how it works:
**When you RSVP, I will mail you a new Spring/Summer catalog with outside order forms.
**To qualify for a chance to be my one lucky Mystery Host, you must collect a minimum of $100 in outside orders. This is before shipping and handling and tax is added. The average person orders $30 so that would average to 3-5 orders, BUT you don't have to stop at $100!!!
**Order deadline is April 19. I will call you in the evening to collect your orders and verify product amounts (or call me during the day if that is better for you).
**On Saturday, April 30 we will get together at my house to play BINGO (Time to be announced). Bring your outside order forms, order payments and catalogs and be ready to have a GREAT time!! ****
**Prizes awarded will be Pampered Chef products (of course).
**Bonuses will be given to orders totaling over $100.
**Bonuses will be given to the person who has the highest order total.
**Contact me by Monday April 11 if you want to participate. I will then mail you a catalog and order forms.
Must be present to win and receive a chance to be the Mystery Hostess.

Earn additional chances (tickets) to be the Mystery Host for each of the following:
One chance if you RSVP by April 11
One chance for every $20.00 purchase you make (For example: If you purchase $40.00 worth of products, you will be entered two more times!) Past host 10% discounts will be honored!!
One chance for every adult guest you bring.
Three tickets for the person who brings the highest combined order total over the required $100.
One chance for every outside order you bring.
One chance for every $50 over the required $100 in outside orders.
Three chances for scheduling a show in May.
Two chances for scheduling a show in June.
One chance for scheduling a show in July.
Five tickets for joining my team on or before April 30


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Mar 29, 2005

Great job on the flyer! WOW! I didn't really understand the whole mystery host thing before, but I really understand it now! Thanks
Kristi :p


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Jan 21, 2005
PC bingo cards

reesefamily5 said:
Do you just play regular bingo then or do you come up with something else?
You should make up bingo cards with Pampered Chef related words instead of the numbers. It's easy to do that if you go to this web site:


Don't forget to make two master lists of the words - one to cut apart and draw and one to place the drawn words on during the game.


Jan 13, 2005
It didn't. I couldn't get enough interest. I tried it this past Fall too and only got about 3 interested parties. I really wanted 10. I just took their orders, submitted it as a catalog show and split the host (then) points between the three of them. They were happy to reveice the small bar pan and a Sb. This time I got 0. I'm not sure I am going to try it again (at least not for awhile).