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Hostess with the Mostess!

Nov 8, 2005
Hey everyone! I am going to try using a Hostess with the Mostess monthly special to help me work on host coaching. I'll announce as I am booking the month and coaching for shows what my featured product is for that particular month - which will be one of the duplicate products I have that is currently sitting in my closet. I used to be a consultant a few years ago, and had to get another kit when I re-signed. Also, I had purchased some of the the fall product samples, then ended up earning some of them later in SS bonuses. So I have lots of extra product.

For December, I am featuring the Woven Rectangle Server. My hostess during the month of December with the highest sales will get a call from me at the beginning of January, and I will offer her the opportunity to purchase the product at a special discount. For every $100 she had at her show, she will receive 10% off this product. So if she has a $650 show, she would get 65% off on the item. For shows of $1000 or more, the item would be free.

I am hoping to use this as a host coaching tool to encourage hostesses to invite lots of guests, utilize my website for e-invitations and reminders, offer the catalog to those who cannot attend, personally invite each guest and remind them 1-2 days prior. Also, as I get closer to the end of the month, I will have figures to work with to encourage hosts. For example, "Jill, your sales are at $550 right now. At this point in the month, my highest show so far is $625. If you could collect another $75 in outside orders, you'd have a really great chance at being my Hostess with the Mostess for December. Would you like to keep your show open for another day or so to give you a chance to follow up with the guests who were unable to attend?"

And towards the beginning of the month, I can use some of my stats for encouragement. I could tell the host what my highest ever show was, and what my previous highest monthly shows came in at, then encourage her to try to outdo my record to increase her chances that she will have the highest show for the month.

Host coaching is one of the areas that I really would like to improve in. I think this will give me a segway to bring up tips and suggestions more comfortably and naturally, so I don't feel like I'm being bossy or demanding, but rather trying to help the host to get another benefit. And I get valuable closet space in return! :cool:

Any thoughts on this?

Pampered Sofia

Novice Member
Oct 18, 2005
the whole month?

I think it sounds very promising except do you think that the host should keep their show open for the entire month? Many of her guests may get angry when there things don't arrive in a reasonable amount of time just because she's trying to earn one MORE free product. Also, a host with a show earlier in the month would have a better chance of winning than a host at the end of the month. Maybe you could put a time limit. Whoever has the most orders within say 5 days after their show. That way everybody gets about the same amount of time to gather orders and the guests don't have to wait all month for the products. Just a thought!
Nov 8, 2005
show would be open 1 week

No, the hostess would not have the show open all month. It would be a normal show, I encourage hosts to close within 3-5 days of their shows. All that I would do is that once the month is over, I would look at which one had the most sales, then give that host a chance to get a product at a special discount, it would be independent of their show.

What I am hoping is that the chance for an extra product would encourage the hosts to make the most of their show by getting as many guests and orders as they can. Towards the end of the month, I would have specific numbers to challenge them with. Also, I am hoping to get customer loyalty from those who get the special each month.


Apr 22, 2005
I think that it sounds like a viable plan, especially if it helps you have a reason to contact someone. I guess the success may depend on a) does the host want the product your are offering? and/or b) does beating another hosts sales matter?

Here's my Hostess w/ the Mostess program:
I had a chart for each month and listed the host w/ the most in sales, and how much she got for that achievement. I stated that at the end of the year, I would have an exclusive 'Hostess w/ the Mostess' party at my home to celebrate them and thank them for helping my business.

I included this chart in my host pkg just so that the host could see it and if she was the type that was motivated by competition, she had an idea of what to work towards or if she was motivated by seeing how much people actually got for free, she had a goal to work towards.

I send out at the end of the month one of those "You take the Cake" cards from Nancy's Artworks telling the host that she was the Hostess w/ the Mostess of the month and I also recognize her in my newsletter (that I just started doing!)

p.s. my goal at the exclusive party is also to try and get them to book another show for the coming year...I've thought about coinciding it w/ new seasons stuff so that they could be the first to see, but I haven't gotten further than thinking about it :rolleyes:

good luck with your plan!


Nov 2, 2005
I really like your ideas with the end of year party, and the postcard! How exciting! I think I'm going to start my new year off with this plan!