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Hostess Scavenger hunt

Sep 1, 2004
Here is a list of 30 different kinds of people. If you get 10 of them to your party on ______________, I will have a special gift for you!!!!

A redheaded person
A pregnant lady
A waitress
A friend from church
A friend from work A neighbor
A grandmother
Someone on a diet
A friend who doesn't work
Someone with no children
A teacher (school or Sunday school)
An in-law
Person with size 7 shoe
Someone with all sons
Someone with all daughters
Your cousin
Someone who likes to stew
Someone with a perm
A club member
A mother of a baby under 1 year old
A bowler
A person who decorates cakes
Someone who lives in a different city from you
Someone who has a dog
Someone who has a cat
A friend from high school or college
Someone who sings
Someone you used to work with
Someone who is booking a show
Someone with braces

You must have eight (10) different people to qualify. I wish you good luck and happy hunting!!!


Gold Member
May 19, 2009
Bumping - has anyone tried something like this in host coaching with some success? Or would your host think you're crazy to try this??


Advanced Member
Jul 13, 2009
i have this in my binder and have been wanting to do it, but just haven't gotten around to it...me think my host would think im looney lol