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Host Will not close show!!!!

Feb 3, 2005
:eek: HELP!!! I had a show 3 WEEKS AGO and the host will not call me back! I have called everyday for 2 weeks....and have not spoken to her! Left several messages with husband and babysitter. She does not have an answering machine, so I could not leave a message about closing the show. Finally today (sunday morning) I got her on the phone and she was just so rude, like i was bothering her. I told her that I am closing the show today and she agreed to call me back tonight. I told her we could do it over the phone and that I could get the $ from her later.

1. What do i do if she does not call me back. I am going on vacation this week and feel like i must place the order today. I don't want those guests waiting one second longer.

2. she is my cousin's neighbor...so i feel pretty confident that I can get the $ after the order is placed. am i being too trusting?

3. do i call the guests about their orders? they all made it clear at the show they wanted their stuff. I assured them that pc has been shipping very quickly and as soon as she closed the show the products would take 1 week. I feel like I am looking bad here. do i do anything about it?




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Mar 29, 2005

I would definitely wait to close the show if you don't have everybody's money. I don't want to see you get burned. I would only submit the show if you REALLY know these people.
I wonder if she is just trying to get to the next level and not returning your calls b/c of that. That is very strange and I would be pretty upset too if she was rude to me on the telephone but maybe it was just bad timing. See if you guys can meet up tonight in person to exchange other orders and to collect the money. That way you can go to the bank tomorrow and submit it as soon as you get back.
I hope your host does call you tonight! Good Luck!
Jun 7, 2005
I don't undersatand how she still owes you money. This is what I would do. Make yourself the host and place the orders of her quest, have them shipped to your house then bag up the orders and personally drop off the orders.
Thank the quest for the order and try to book them for a show.
As the host order small items, that you can use as give aways for your next show. :)


Apr 20, 2005
I wouldn't close the show and make yourself the host unless you inform the hostess of it first. Give her a firm deadline, and tell her if she does not close the show by then, you will summit the orders, so that her guests will get the products they have been waiting for. And as for her hostess benefits, tell her they will be forfeited unless she can get this show closed by your deadline. That should motivate her. Good Luck!


I agree, you have to let her know before you do something like that! Let us know how it all works out. I haven't had this happen yet, but I bet it will be an issue at some point in the future! It's nice to hear about other people's experiences, so we can be slightly more prepared if/when it happens to us!


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Oct 28, 2004
I think you also need to contact the guests as they are probably wondering where their stuff is. I would not place any orders that I did not receive money for. Call the host if you do not hear from her and tell her you need to submit the orders to be fair to her guests. She can either pay for her items with a credit card or bring you the money. Give her a day to do this and let her know that you will submit the show without her order and she gets nothing.

How bizarre. I hope it all works out for you.


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Feb 3, 2005
I had this happen for the first time last month. I called every day and she wouldn't call back despite having a $600+ show. I finally called and told her I'd be closing the show and I'd pick out her free products for her if I didn't hear from her by 11pm that evening. She emailed me the next evening. Oh well....I tried.

Why does she still owe you $? How much? Have you tried calling your neighbor and asking her if everything is ok with her cousin? Maybe she can get it closed.