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Pampered Chef: Bookings Host wants show in a week!!

  1. Debunny

    Debunny Member

    I had a host contact me and wants to do a kitchen show, no problem, but she wants it NEXT SATURDAY!! I have nothing on the books but I have no clue how to get a show together that fast. Any help? I was thinking of doing VERY quick and easy recipes because I told her I have no sitter for that week and she told me to bring my baby with me because her 5 month old would be there too. I dont have a problem doing that since she said hers would be there ( mine is content in his pack n play ) but do not want to be there any longer than i have to. Geez, how am I going to do this? This is my first show since August though so I really need it to keep active. Please help with some quick show ideas. Thanks all of you!!
    Sep 16, 2005
  2. chefmary

    chefmary Member Gold Member

    Don't sweat it...actually in these cases, the burden is on the host because she has to pull together a guest list very quickly. Often I find these closely booked shows are quite successful, because the host is so motivated.

    Definitely choose a quick and easy recipe (a no-bake might be your best bet, such as Garden Veggie Pizza and prepare the crust in advance).

    Remember to breathe!!! ;) and good luck...let us know how it goes.

    Sep 16, 2005
  3. Rolls or Pizza?

    Sometimes a show that's pulled together quickly can work out even better than one a month in advance, because people have less time to cancel!!
    I would do maybe the Cool Veggie Pizza (you do the crust in advance then just put stuff on it and serve cold). Also, if your host doesn't mind, get there early and do as much prep as you can (while there's still time to give your baby lots of attention).
    The Mini Cinnimon rolls are also a great choice--very fast, absolutely delicious and it highlights the mini-baker which is the guest special for Sept. (at least it is in Canada!!)
    Good luck--I hope it goes great!!!
  4. PampMomof3

    PampMomof3 Legend Member Gold Member

    I had show that happened in 9 days and it turned out to be an $1547 show! :D Like Mary said, I think it is a lot more successful in one week! Good Luck and keep us posted! :)

    By the way, I made the chicken and broccoli ring at my show and everyone loved it!
    Sep 16, 2005
  5. MSmith

    MSmith Member

    Wow, that's encouraging that a show booked that close in can be so successful! I've been worried to attempt it, but now I think I'll try!

    The Seven Layer Salad Squares from Spring SB is a yummy recipe...you could definitely have the base baked, the veggies prepped before the show and then just assemble the salad during the show.

    Good luck!
    Sep 16, 2005
  6. Debunny

    Debunny Member


    Thanks to you all for the advice. I am trying to figure out a time frame to do it. I forgot I had a qrtly meeting for Avon the same day as her show. My meeting is in the morning though so I am going to just try to make her show that evening. Boy I am sure I am going to be awreck by next weekend..lol I have never tried the cool veggie pizza. Is it good? or the mini cinnimon rolls for that matter either. Are any of you still making any of the recipes from the spring/summer seasons best? I was thinking of the ice cream torte, since it is very easy and no cook time. I still have alot of the S/S seasons best books, so figured if anyone likes the recipe then I could sell them the now no longer available s/b cookbook ;) to get rid of some of them. But still need another recipe. I may try out the cool veggie pizza one and see how it is. I just hate making something at a show that i have never tried myself ...lol

    And one more thing, have any of you had like an express show where you did not do a presentation but just let people try out the tools? I was thinking of maybe doing something like that to get it over quickly instead of me fumbling through...to be honest, I just do not know if PC is for me anymore. I love the products, but have gotten in a funk where the shows are far and between and I really do not like getting in front of ppl and talking. I thought it would get easier but I have found it isnt. I still feel like an idiot the whole time. And of course i always end up stumbling over my words or forgetting something. I have thought about just encouraging catalog shows to be able to stay active. In addition, my dh is working so many hours now, 10 hrs a day 7 days a week alot here lately so I just dont have the time to put into it. I have no one to watch my son most of the time so it is really inconvenient trying to find someone I trust to watch him. I am just tired of hearing so many excuses from ppl, like the stuff is too expensive.etc... even though I tell them the warranty is fantastic and the tools are great, they just look at the price and say no thank you. I have not even earned $500 since I started selling in April so needless to say, it has really been disappointing. :(
    Sep 18, 2005
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