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Fundraiser Host Special with Fundraiser??

Aug 4, 2009
I'm starting a fundraiser in October... and I'm a super new consultant (haven't closed out my first show yet). Here's my question: my recruiter told me (and our director told her) that whoever hosts the fundraiser gets the host special for the month... ???? Really??? Do they even get host benefits?

I thought that they didn't get anything 'cause they were getting $$ for their organization.

Is there any particular incentive to the host themselves?

Thanks for your thoughts!


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Jun 11, 2008
they get the monthy hostess special only.. all the other hostess "bennies" they don't.
they still have to pay for the hostess special, but it's the same as any other hostess, they get it at 60% off.


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Feb 6, 2008
What he said. :D

The incentive to the host is that they are raising funds for a cause they care about. The extra thank you is the opportunity to purchase the Monthly Host Special item at 60% off.
Aug 4, 2009
Ah... this makes sense. Follow-up question: In a month like October, is the Host Special they receive based on sales? For example, if they have $1000 in sales, are they eligible for 3 items including the knife block?



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Jul 23, 2008
Yes and the Past Host (whoever they booked the fundraiser from) also gets the Host benefit. Sometimes the organization uses the item as a raffle item. With October, they get 3 items if it is over $1,000! That is a lot!


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Apr 13, 2004
About that Past Host purchase - the show you HAVE NOT closed yet, add the fundraiser to it as a booking! Then you can do one of three things with it. Either let the host of the party you just had and put the fundraiser booking on pick out an October Host Special Product, OR order something for yourself to help add to your collection of tools OR use it as an incentive for the fundraiser for the highest order. Tell everyone they can order any ONE piece of forged cutlery at 60% for the biggest purchase! Sometimes it is a fun way to get people to order lots of stuff! Yes, make it a stipulation that they will need to pay for it at the 60% off price but hey, if it gets them to order lots of stuff, what the heck!
The Past Host Bonus if choose one piece at 60%.


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Jul 12, 2007
Thanks for all this info. I have a fundraiser coming up too. I haven't done one in years. What about the booking benefits, is it $3 or $7? I have read both recently. Plus, do they get a bonus benefit for having some one from the fund raiser sign as a consultant?


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Mar 14, 2007
I want to confirm that the Chairman of the fundraiser CAN order the host item -- that's how I remember it from the fundraisers I did last year, but when I checked the consultant's guide, it no longer listed that as a possibility and I don't want to tell the chairperson she gets to do that if she can't. I started looking because I wasn't sure if in November the chair gets only one SA item or if she can get the enhanced items if the fundraiser reaches x dollars.