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Host Postcards

Feb 20, 2005
If you use host postcards such as

1. A Successful Show Checklist
2. Reminder of Show
3. Web Ideas for the Host
4. Show is 3 days away

for a Catalog Show Host, does anyone still make the phone calls or do you consider this host coaching?

I'm a newbie trying to figure things out.

janel kelly

Advanced Member
Feb 19, 2005
make those calls!

I would definately still make the phone calls. I just took a teleclass today about host coaching and I learned alot from it. One thing that stuck out to me was when you make your first call to the host to go over everything in the host packet with them. If you don't they will tend to not use the things in the host packet or forget about them. Good host coaching definately affects your show attendence and bookings. There are alot of other good reasons for making phone calls that I learned today from the teleclass but if I were to write down everything I learned it would be way too long. I recommend taking that teleclass and the other super starter teleclasses. They are free and you can register on the pampered chef website. Good luck!


Jan 13, 2005
Host Coaching a Catalog Show

I host coach a Catalog Show the same as I would a Kitchen Show. I call them once per week to input their orders, verify amounts and update them on their progress (current level, how much to next level). I also get them to set goals (wish list) on the first host coaching call and then on each call after ask if there is anything else they want to add for free. I let them know how many orders, etc. it will take for them to reach this goal and update it with them and on my web site when they add to their wish list. I encourage them to visit their host only area of my web site too. I have found my catalog averages have increased by an average of $100 since I started this at the beginning of the year. I have a Catalog Show host who will be closing on the 14th. She updated her own wish list and needs a $1500 show to get everything she wants for free. She had a Catalog Show 3 months ago that closed at almost $500. Hopefully she will reach the $1500 level!!