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Host Packets


Jan 31, 2005
I am getting my host packets put together for my super starter month and was wondering what everyone includes in their host packets. My recruiter uses 1/2 inch binders with sheet protectors and puts everything in there. Ofcourse the hosts give the binders back, but that seemed like a fairly economical idea to me. You wouldn't have to keep going out and buying envelopes. What does everyone else do? Any tips would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks :)

Erica Walters

Chef Jill

Mar 6, 2005
Organizing for the host

I do two different things. One is like the binder idea. I put 2 catalogs with guest special flyer in each, a copy of the host special, show planner (with a goal highlighted), outside order forms (downloaded from website) with monthly special highlighted, invitations, and a recruiting brochure tucked behind it all in a red 2 pocket folder (costs like 20 cents). I encourage the host to pass around the catalogs before the show to collect outside orders from people who will not be attending the show. Sometimes I include a Pampered Bride flyer and a Fund Raiser flyer as well.
I glue my business card to the front and list everything that's inside the folder. Inside on the pockets, I put "Please return folder with contents at the close of your show." I keep a couple of folders prepared in the bag I bring to shows and one in the car...just in case.

I usually get back one of the two catalogs, extra invitations, and the flyers. It is also easy for the host to locate her show benefits worksheet at the end of the night and helps her keep everything together. I do this when I can personally hand it to the host.

If I won't see the host either beacuse they booked far out or they live out of town, then I send them the same info. in a large envelope instead of the folder. It costs under $3 postage to do this, but I think of it as a business expense aka a tax write off.
I like the binder idea though. People are probably more apt to return it all. But that's not good for mailing!
Hope this helps.


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Apr 14, 2004
I use the two pocket school folders in bright colors. I put the big PC label on the front. I buy them when the school supplies are on sale in August for 8 cents a piece and usually buy 100 at a time. I let the hosts keep them. This gives them a place to keep the reciepts up until the order comes.


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Feb 3, 2005
I have big envelopes that I put everything inside. I usually put in 3 catalogs and outside order forms. I also include the host and guest specials for the month. I put in a flier for the opportunity. Finally I put the show planner inside. The host keeps all the stuff.


Mar 10, 2005
I really like the binder idea! I have been using 2-pocket folders, but I think you could combine the two. Maybe use the binders, which are reusable, but put some kind of inxepensive folder with a pocket that the host can keep to store the receipts until the order comes and also to keep any outside orders she gets before the show.

I have also made up some Catalog Show Host Packets that I keep on hand. They are basically the same as a regular Host Packet (in a folder), but I put a few extra catalogs and outside order forms. I also typed up a letter to the host about how to figure orders with tax and shipping. I included a table showing the host benefits a catalog show will receive. It is basically a show planner for catalog show. I had it printed on a brightly colored paper so it will stand out. I does not take the place of any host coaching, but it is a nice reference sheet for my host to have.
Feb 20, 2005
Labels for invites

One other thing that I add is 45 (1 1/2 sheets) labels with the Host name, party date/time, address and RSVP info on it. She is way more likely to send out more invites if she does not have to write tha tout over and over.

Does anyone fill out & send out the invites for the host?


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Feb 3, 2005
I've been making fliers for the invitations (instead of using the postcards). I find people pass them out and guests hold onto them.

I do not offer to send them out of the host. I figure that if she is going to take the time to get names and addresses, she could just do it herself. I also find that people tend to hand deliver them to local friends and family rather than mail.


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Apr 13, 2004
Mailing Binders

I too use a binder for my Kitchen Show hosts. I re-wrote the contents as a basic "Learn to use My Web Site" as an aid to inviting your guests. I actually printed the "pages" of my web site pertaining to the e-invites. All of my hosts have been using these and I have had some success with getting them to use it. I included 4 catalogs, (We want those outside orders if a guest can not make it and does not have on-line ability!), 15 outside order forms, I cut down to 30 invites on which I have placed three labels on. (I place these as the host just needs to reach in a hand them out.)
1 says "Please join Nancy for a Pampered Chef Whatever Show on Saturday, April 2 at 2:00 p.m. at 1515 S. 15th street in whatever city".
2 says "Please RSVP at (414)555-5555 by Wed, March 30th so we know how much food we need. Bring a guest, get a gift! Can't make it, place an order or book a show, both will help Nancy to her goal!"
3 says, "Go on-line to www.pamperedchef.biz/xxxxx to place an order. Click on "Include Your Order with a show, key in Nancy Fancy as host and hit sign-in. Check out the on-line catalog a follow the instruction to place your order."
1 & 2 go on the left - I always cover up the www.pamperedchef.com line as I want them to go to my site.
3 goes on the right in the very lowest corner.
This whole thing cost $4.95 to mail Priority Mail.

Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
To Pampered 1224

If you use Priority mail in the Red and Blue envelopes the cost is only $3.85. Standard always and the hosts receive their packets in under 2 days no matter where it is going.

The post office will even mail you the supplies you need. The envelopes and tape (Priority) are free. You only have to pay for the priority stamp. I keep some of the supplies on-hand at in my office for those miracle shows that plop into your lap from nowhere (seemingly).


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Apr 11, 2005
saradest said:
One other thing that I add is 45 (1 1/2 sheets) labels with the Host name, party date/time, address and RSVP info on it. She is way more likely to send out more invites if she does not have to write tha tout over and over.

Does anyone fill out & send out the invites for the host?

I do the labels, too Sarah - but how do you do a half sheet? I have been doing only 1 sheet cuz I couldnt figure out how to print 1/2.