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Host Instructions Needed



I was wondering if anyone had a form or letter they insert into Host Pkg which instructs them on your expectations?

Example: If other snacks will be provided please make sure kitchen is available to consultant when she arrives, please be dressed and ready for guest, etc....


Burlington, NC
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janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
I don't give my hosts a letter about those things. I actually call the host at least once a week for 3 weeks leading up to her show- sometimes I call more. During those phone calls I talk to the host about those things. Has anyone tried a letter like this? If so do you find it more helpful?....


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Feb 3, 2005
The first is a checklist for you, the consultant to use.

The second file is an outdated how to have a $1000 show for the host (outdated cause it is still in the point system).

The best way is to have that phone call instead of a letter....keeps them excited. I must say that I do a lot of email host coaching though...not enough time in my day.

Patsy McGovern (National Senior Executive Director) always says....The size of your paycheck is a direct reflection of your time on the phone.


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Chef Kearns

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Feb 8, 2005
Steve Wiltshire

At National Conference you will have the opportunity to take a class with the Wiltshires. I have had training classes with them in the past and they are really big on Person-to-Person host coaching. That means meeting them at Starbucks, your house, the playground (it they have little ones) or their house (I prefer this because you can see the space you'll be working in) and going over the packet.

It should take about 30 minutes. Cover every piece of paper you put in your packets. This will give you an opportunity to lay the seeds of recruiting (because you are putting some recruiting info in there, right?). You will also stress the need to book through the party. It also gets a relationship built with that host.

I have started doing this practice this year and with every host I was able to meet with there was at least 1 booking (sometimes hers for later in the year), higher sales, and I have recruited one hostess. There is also a slimmer chance of cancellations because you have built a relationship with her. Many times you will talk about your lives and stuff more than The Pampered Chef, which is great. I also found an awesome bible study this way!


Thanks to all, in addition to phone coaching will try this docs


Mar 26, 2005
Totally agree!

I think the face to face approach is best, when possible. Then I rely heavily upon email (and of course, the 3 phone calls). I spoke with my director about it and she said the company is totally moving towards face to face host coaching, so we are ahead of the game! I find, like Chef Kearns said, that you develop a great rapport with your host, talk about stuff other than Pampered Chef, really can meet a new friend, friends for your kids etc. It makes the business that much more appealing because they are not "just customers". Of course, it limits cancellations, makes your job not a "chore" (you like talking to them) and makes it really comfortable for you on the day of the show!! And this all means better sales in the end!

Just thought I'd add my two cents, and encourage you to think about less letters and more contact! :) You won't regret it!!!