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Host incentive for recruit?


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Jan 4, 2005
I am not sure....is there any incentive for a Host when a guest at her show signs up to be a consultant? I know with the old point system, PC used to offer an incentive to the host, but I don't think they do anymore.

Personally, I have the coupons where if a host brings me a recruit, I give the host a $20 gift certificate to buy something from a show the recruit is doing, to help her with sales.

Just wondering if PC offers anything anymore.... :confused:


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May 6, 2005
No, PC doesn't have anything that they offer to hosts whose guest signs as a consultant. I do offer a "referral" fee or something if someone refers someone to me who becomes a consultant. I have that in place more if someone refers someone to me outside or a show, but it is a nice gesture to give something to the host if a guest signs on. I would wait and do it once the new consultant qualifies, however. :)


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Sep 13, 2005
I offer...

a piece of Stoneware to the host when the new recruit qualifies! My hosts love it! And my new recruits don't feel bad about signing instead of buying more products at the hosts party.

I usually give the bar pan or a round stone, depending on what they have! This also motivates my new recruits to qualify so that their friend will get a new piece of stoneware from me!! :D