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Host Coaching


Oct 16, 2005
Does anyone have a timeline sheet for your 3 host coaching calls before a show? Like when to mail the host packet, when to call etc?


I found the host sheets in the Recipe for Success to be a little cumbersome, so I created a single page one that covers a whole month. (6 hosts... add more sheets for more parties!) So far, it is really helpful. It isn't exactly what you are asking for, but it keeps me organized. Then, I put coaching calls on my weekly calendar to keep track of them.

I am attaching the sheet in case you are interested.


  • Pampered Chef Host Minder.doc
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Feb 20, 2005
I mail the host pack 4-5 weeks before depending how far away they live. I want them to have them 3 1/2 weeks before but not too long before that they forget where they put them :eek:

I do my first call 3 weeks before to see if they have any questions, need more catelogs or invites, brainstorm who else they could invite etc.

My second call is about 7 - 10 days before again to see if they have questions or need anything, see how many have said yes and go over their recipe choices.

My last call is 2 days before where I get directions, whether I need a table, outside orders at that point, and an idea of how many RSVP's (use the excuse I want to bring enough catelogs and have enough of the recipe for ALL your guests to sample) and then remind her to make her reminder calls. I make this call around 7 so there's still time for her to DO those calls. :)

Hope that helps,