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Host Coaching works!




I have only had three parties so far, but my track record has been great! I am here to put a big plug in for host coaching.

My first party was easy to coach because I saw the host every day at my son's school. She had 17 people at her party and 11 outside orders!!!

My second host I didn't really coach because she is a former Pampered Chef consultant. Big mistake! Only 3 people showed up at the party. Luckily there were a ton of outside orders, so it was still a good show.

My third show I was back to coaching. I made up a schedule of the three calls, plus one or two in between. She sent out the 40 invitations and even asked for a few more. She called and left reminder messages, but didn't get many rsvps. On the night of the show, she said she expected about 6 people. 20 SHOWED UP!?!?!?! It was amazing. They just kept coming. It was a great party!

Tomorrow I have another party and have been coaching the host consistently. He said he expects 14 to 15 people.

I am starting to really enjoy the host coaching aspect of this job. It is fun to spend time one on one with people and the payoff has been great so far. I am convinced that it is the the best way to have a good show!

Just wanted to share!



Senior Member
Jan 17, 2006
Host coaching really pays off!

You are right! Host coaching really does pay off. I have experienced the same positive effects when I did host coaching with my hostess on several occasions as opposed to the one time we deliver the host packet.
It is so important to explain the way our program works. So many ladies have really been impressed and surprised at all they get because I took the time to explain it to them. I also had the same ladies tell me they understood it all, only to thank me for explaining anyway because they didn't know one or more of the things I mentioned.
The points thing is over, thank GOD, and the new benefits for hosts is great! It's so easy to explain and now with up to 4 half price items, the past hosts are really coming back again and again!!
Big attendance is so important at our shows and we must stress that. Also we must tell our hosts to get orders from those who know right away they won't be able to make it because of a prior committment. I offer her friends and family a gift when they help my hostess get orders. 3 outside orders from anyone trying to help my hosts gets a gift. I usually get a couple of ladies to do this for their daughter, niece, cousin and it brings in some good outside sales. Keep up the good work!!