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Host closing info page

Nov 2, 2005
Does anyone use a page to give the host at the time they close their show that gives out information such as: approx when to expect the products to arrive, that they will arrive by ups, and about how the pages will look inside their boxes, about their wallet card with their host number on it . I am thinking that it would be way easier to have this sheet handy at the time we close out their show and I can go over it with them and let them keep it to refer to should they forget any of this. Is there a page for this that I can give out rather than trying to tell them everything and hoping that they will remember it?

Tracy Whipple


Aug 7, 2005
Use the one from PP

I just give this to the host...it has info on when to expect the order to arrive, how to unpack the box, etc. You can access it under the reports section.

Have a great day,