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Host cancellations


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Feb 3, 2005
I got this email from my upline director (Patsy McGovern) who got it from Suzette de Araujo. I thought it was a fabulous idea and thought I'd pass it on.

Hi everyone,
Just wanted to share a thought I had about reschedules/cancellations. I'm sure someone has already thought of this, but it was an "AH-HA" moment in my business.

Since reschedules/cancellations are a fact of our business, many consultants have different ways of handling them, i.e., some will only reschedule once, some twice and after that they won't reschedule the hostess. Some consultants get really upset because it means lost revenue for that night and a lost chance of possibly rebooking that date, etc.

Well, I was thinking that since most times we really have no control over the issue, you know the old saying, "if you can't beat 'em, join 'em?"...Why not reschedule on them!!!

What do I mean. Well, here's how I've decided to handle the whole matter...
If a hostess calls to reschedule, I'm not going to get upset, make her feel bad, (which I never did anyway...I've never guilted a host into keeping a date), etc. I'm going to empathize with her plight for that evening (oh, what a shame that your dog threw up on your carpet....don't laugh, it is actually an excuse given to one of my consultants!) and right then and there pick a new date. When I write her name down in my book for the second date, I'm going to place a number 1 next to her name. This will alert me to the fact that this hostess has rescheduled on me once. Should she call back and reschedule again...hey, the dog could have a stomach problem (and we all know there are hostesses out there who do this!), I will simply repeat the process, but this time, put a #2 next to her name.

Now, I know you're thinking, hey, she's taking up dates that I could book a party that WON'T reschedule. And, you're right. But here's the TWIST!!!! If I am able to book a party on a night when I have a hostess who's rescheduled twice (there's a #2 next to her name), I will book the party with the new host and call the rescheduled host #2 and reschedule on her!!!!! If I'm not able to book that night, and I've left reschedule host #2 on that date, there's no income lost anyway and there still exists the possibility that Host Reschedule #2 might actually hold her show date!

What does this do? It allows me to appear flexible while at the same time managing my business by keeping business instead of turning it away due to reschedules. Some hostesses really do have valid reasons when they need to reschedule and it doesn't necessarily mean they don't want to have the party. If I've asked them if they really want to have the party and they say "yes" it is to my advantage to keep them on my calendar. But why shouldn't I have the ability to reschedule them if I need to.

Again, probably not a new idea, but it was for me!


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Jan 21, 2005
Holding dates

That's a great idea from Suzette/Patsy!! I will use it - thanks! Here's a letter that was forwarded to me by my hospitallity consultant from her upline that helps keep dates solid. The author said that she has had very few cancellations since she started using it!


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janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
Thanks for the advice and letters ladies. I have only been a consultant since February but have had people cancel on me 5 times already without giving me enough time to pencil in another show date for that day. I try not to get discouraged by it but its hard to at least not be frustrated by it. I don't think people really realize sometimes that PC is our job and our means of income too. I'm going to try using the letter with my future hostesses. If I get another hostess that just keeps canceling and rescheduling a show I'm definately not going to be afraid to reschedule with her if need be. Thanks so much!


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Feb 3, 2005
Another idea that I sometimes do with hosts that reschedule is to

Another idea that I sometimes do with hosts that reschedule is to schedule them for a day I would not normally work. That way I've got an extra show if it holds, but don't lose anything if they cancel again.