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Host buying a guest special?


May 3, 2006
I'm just starting out with Pampered Chef.

One of my Hosts asked if they were able to buy the Guest Special......is that okay? I don't see why they can't....after all they are technically a guest too.

Also, could they buy both the Host and Guest Special?

I'd appreciate any help....


They can purchase the guest special as well as the host special. So for May they could get any of the HWC pink products in addition to the cups and plates.


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Mar 12, 2006
When there is a guest special that requires a minimum purchase, you calculate the purchase by looking at the host's out of pocket expense - after discounts and without tax and shipping.


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Nov 9, 2005
My experience with my last three months, has been that the program allowed my Hostess to purchase the guest specials that had $60 purchase requirements, when she has "purchased or received as a bonus" that amount,
even if it was the half price items, or hostess bonus items and the FREE value
she had earned, that amounts to that $60 minimum. I always put the number into the system to see if it will be honored. The First Subtotal on Line 3 of Order Totals may be less than $60 because of the Free Product Value
that is subtracted. Don't let that prevent you from trying for the Guest Special or FREE item. I found that if the first line Product Total is over $60,
they will get the Free Guest item, as long as we remember to put it in.
Good luck. I did not know that during my earlier months as a Consultant,
and some may have missed out on that benefit. This panel is so helpful in alerting us to the little tricks that help us get all our customers are eligible for.