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Host benefits

May 31, 2005
Hi, thanks to those of you that replied to my previous email.
Now that my show is tomorrow I just want to make sure on this whole mystery host benefit thing.
Now a days the average host gets product value according to guest sales, up to 4 half price items as well as up to 30% disc with the host monthly specials too, right?
How technicallly (paperwork /pampered partner)do you log it in if you give each of the host benefits to someone else. I was thinking of putting each benefit in a envelope etc.then say you will get that particular benefit at their show (assuming they book) if not I guess put it on this show- Just want to make sure I don't goof up my this show! Please help:) talk to you soon-


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Mar 13, 2005
if I understand correctly.... If I were doing this, and giving away the different benefits, the person who gets the 10% off for a year, would be listed as the host, with the show shipping to you. The rest you will have to keep track of on paper; who gets the 1/2 price items, the discounted items, and the free stuff. But under PP it only gets listed as one person. Can be a bit tricky, but certainly a nice way to offer several incentives to various people!
Feb 22, 2005

I m not sure I am understanding what you are trying to do here. I have read your other posts but I want to make sure you understand. The free, discounted, and half priced products do have to be entered with this show. Are you going to have them pick their half-price items now and you cover the cost and just hold it until their show??? The same with the freebees???

This sound like it will be a bit pricey for you and I hate to see you invest so much so early to cover the half-priced items. Let me know if I am completely misunderstanding you.

janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
I mentioned the same question on another thread. I want to do a mystery host show also and give the host benefits to different people. I just don't know how I would keep track of it all and enter it into PP. I would be really interested ,Whitney, in knowing how you are going to do it.