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Hospitality Director

Sep 20, 2005
A friend of mine is having some minor personal problems with his director and wants to get a hospitality director, but doesn't want to tell his director he is doing it...is this possible through home office or something? I don't know what to tell him, but he just doesn't want his personal problems to interfere with his success in the business and he also has a good heart so he doesn't want to hurt his director's feelings by tell her he wants to switch...he's afraid she may do something wrong on purpose. Please help!! Thanks in advance

Pampered Zoe

Sep 30, 2005

It is so hard when you don't get along with someone and you want to move on. Unfortuately, the only way to get a hospitality director is through your personal director. It will be uncomfortable for him to talk about, but it's not as if his director will say "no". Wish him luck!