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Hooray - Bridal Shower Booking - Help! What to make?


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Feb 18, 2005
Hi Everyone,

I've booked my second bridal shower (the last one was about a year ago). I'm so happy since my past two shows have postponed on me.

I have a plan for the shower, but I'm not sure what to make. The last one we made a calzone. I really don't want to turn on the oven though just in case it is a hot day. The show is on Sunday, June 4. I don't want it to take a lot of time since we will have a game and they will have to pick out the gifts. She will also be opening envelopes w/what she received. I want them to eat while she opens the envelopes.

Also, the host wants to do an apron. How do most of you handle the signing of it. Do you put it in another room and have them sign it and then surprise her or have them sign while the show is going on?

Any other great ideas people have would be nice (and I know you all will come through for me). I'm sure some of these ideas are already in history on this site, but I don't have a lot of time to spend in the archives.

Thanks to all!

Rhonda B.


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Jan 4, 2005
I just did the Caprese Mini-Sandwiches at one and they were a big hit. The two hosts also had some fruit & dip, a couple other appetizers and a cake. With the Caprese's, I only had to turn on the oven for really short time and they were done. It was a wonderful quick demo and everybody loved it. You could even consider baking the pitas at home and bringing them already cooked. Just demo the rest of the ingredients. I let the bridesmaids that were there help assemble them and that was fun. I think these sorta have an "elegant" look to them which made them very appropriate.

I had the apron too. During my opening, I just showed it, that it was my gift to the bride and one of the hosts then put it with the markers on another table. I told everyone not to forget to write a special message to the bride before they left. I had the host let it be her job to make sure it was signed. Most did it after they gave me their order. It was an over $700 shower and went very well!

I also made the bride a little corsage that she loved. I bought the pack of little bamboo spoons. I tied white silk flowers and ribbon on one, and got a stick on pin from Walmart in the craft section. I have the other spoon leftover for the next corsage! It was so cute! Good Luck!


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Nov 9, 2005
Congratulations!!! What a lucky bride to be getting all that great stuff. How
many people does that $700 represent? Did they place that entire amount for
her? or were there some personal orders for themselves?