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Pampered Chef: Theme Show Home Ec Book 1950

  1. Langrco

    Langrco Member Gold Member

    I have a shower on the 15th and don't really know what to do for a game or something. I saw the 1950 home ec book with todays additions but not sure how you do it. Please share
    May 5, 2009
  2. teresah551393

    teresah551393 Member

    Somewhere on this site I found the file that had 10 rules about being a good wife in the 50's and 10 about being a good wife in today's times. The were hilarious! I printed them each off in different colors and cut them into strips. The were numbered of course, and as guests came they got a couple of strips or so, however they spread out. First we took turns reading the 50's version in order, whoever had #1 went first and so forth. Then we read todays version and everyone loved it! We had a great laugh and the bride kept the slips if she wanted them. Hope that helps. The files were from someone on here.
    May 10, 2009
  3. kaseydee

    kaseydee Veteran Member Gold Member

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