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  1. RCKmom

    RCKmom Member

    This is the fancy name I have for my open house that I am doing on Saturday. I am using my directors invite along with her suggestions for ticket drawings a so forth. Just wondering if anyone has any good ideas for food to serve and how to talk things up, since it is a floating party. Also I have an open house at a spa on the 30th. What type of refreshment should I take? I have the old cookie press, so cookies maybe? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated.:angel:
    Nov 10, 2009
  2. I had an "open house" last month and served 2 of the appetizers from the Easy and Impressive Appetizers theme show, they were a big hit. The honey apple brie bites are extremely easy as are the palmiers. You can serve some and keep the others warm or only bake a few at a time. You can make them ahead of time or do a presentation, these go quickly. I sold several of those cookbooks, batter bowls and used both my bar pan and cookie sheet, parchment paper, microplaner,food chopper,small scoop, etc. Serve them on simple additions, bamboo or snowman platter.
  3. cheflorraine

    cheflorraine Member Gold Member

    I just did an open-house at a friend's place (with 4 other vendors) on Saturday...
    I made the Sundried Tomato Tart Squares from the last SBRC - awesome. They also taste really good cooled off, so I didn't worry about trying to keep them warm.
    I made the Greek Cheese Torta and did the cream cheese/pineapple rum sauce with crackers - really good and easy to serve.
    The more interactive thing I did was to make up Brownie Cups ahead of time (just scoops of brownie batter from a mix in the mini-muffin tin), filled with a cream cheese/sour cream mixture.
    Then I had the guests top their own brownie cups with orange zest (microplane grater) and shaved chocolate (garlic slicer)... I love those two products, so I love demonstrating them!
    Nov 10, 2009
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