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Pampered Chef: Holiday shipping

  1. Intrepid_Chef

    Intrepid_Chef Legend Member Silver Member

    OK, my show I submitted on Monday is "picked." It should ship tomorrow, but there is no tracking number yet.

    I am going to be house-sitting over the holiday weekend, though I will be stopping at home to check on my cats.

    Any clue when Fed Ex works this week? I'm sure they will be taking Thursday off so will that mean something that takes two days will now take three?
    Nov 24, 2009
  2. lisasfuncooking

    lisasfuncooking Member

    Fed ex is only closed on Thursday. Although I have found that the shipping status sometimes does not give you a tracking # until the day after it actually shipped. You will probably have it Friday or Saturday. I had a show that had 2 boxes, 1 box showed I should have had it yesterday and the other today. Now it shows they are both on the truck for delivery today. That was odd because a show I submitted after this one, I had already received. Keep checking for a tracking #.
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