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Pampered Chef: Theme Show Holiday Open House

  1. sarahsellcm

    sarahsellcm Member Silver Member

    Hello! I am having an open house and want to have some different type of things for people to do. Has any one ever done a word search or a crossword puzzle or something fun to do? Let me know.

    Dec 3, 2009
  2. scottcooks

    scottcooks Veteran Member Gold Member

    I'd suggest just having a modest display (starter kit) and talking your way through our various product lines. They're not going to be bored with that. If you wanted to copy a couple pages from a coloring book for kids to copy that would be a good idea. Have some crayons on the floor in a simple additions small bowl - maybe some clipboards or foamcore they can put behind it to not mess up someone's carpet.
    Dec 5, 2009
  3. cookingwithdot

    cookingwithdot Advanced Member Gold Member

    scottcooks- just wanted to say Hi! I'm in Maple Valley - Maybe I'll meet you at the Spring Launch meeting. :)
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