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Holiday Club


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Sep 16, 2004
I was considering offering my customers a Holiday Club this year. I would provide gift wrapping if desired, but the main focus was the payment. They have until December to make their final payment and then I will submit it as a nice show. Shipping is either standard and they meet me or I go to their home or for anyone far away, special shipping. I'll draw so someone receives the hostess bene's at the close of the show. I have sent a weekly email reminding them to join and offering incentives for joining (free shipping, free items, etc.). A hostess of mine who was once a consultant herself suggested this and I am hoping it will be a big hit. I also sent everyone an email with suggestions for every person I could think of that they would buy a gift for from our new catalog. Has anyone else ever tried this? Any words of wisdom to grab them and get people and their friends to join?
Sep 18, 2004
How did it go? Was the Holiday Club a success? I did a holiday special where they could have a online book party and win a $50 shopping spree if they closed their show by Dec. 28. It didn't go as well as I had hoped. :(
Mar 23, 2005
I think that is a great idea. Tis idea could be a really good December booster as many people don't want to book then. I did a Christmas wish list at my November shows last year. All guest at the shows had the opprotunity to fill one out. I just modified the Outside order form. They listed the name of people who would be buying for them that Christmas and a good time to call. I enlisted my hostesses to help in calling, as it added to their party. It went real well with one party boosted over $300.00 and alright on others. I'm thinking I may add mothers day.