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Hi,I am wondering what most people use to copy flyers,etc. Do you


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Feb 20, 2006
I am wondering what most people use to copy flyers,etc. Do you have printers/copiers at home or do you go elsewhere to have them printed? Has anyone does a cost comparison between home printing and store printing? It seems like there is quite a bit of printing to do and I want to do what is most cost efficient.


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Jan 17, 2006
PC perks

We have perks through PC with Office Max. The copies are only 3.5 cents per page. That's way better than 8 or more cents at Kinkos per page. I do most of my small print jobs on my computer. All paper, ink and postcards can be written off during tax season.
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Oct 7, 2005
i know that when i get mine done at officemax, where they'd normally charge more for the staff to do the copies, they don't charge me more b/c of my discount. you could always ask.. even if they do charge you more, it's only 1 cent more per copy.. and when i go in there, i got a toddler on my hip, so it's worth that extra cent for each one just so i can avoid the hassle.


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Feb 17, 2006
I am a Kinko's employee veteran (I have been around it since I was 9 :eek: so thats 21 years :eek: ) Now, I have been gone for 4 years but DH just left Kinko's for Office Max 6 months ago. So, personally speaking...I would go to O-Max instead of Kinko's, they are cheaper and we get a smokin' discount...way better than even the O-Max employees! I just had 25 copies made on cardstock and cut for $0.75! I do want to get a full color printer but that will happen only when the $$ is better. Right now I make 30 of each months guest special and 8 of each months host specials in color, everything else is b/w. Also, no matter where you go, self-serve copying is always cheaper than having the staff do it for you.


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Feb 20, 2006
Office Max

Sorry to say but the Office Max here is town closed about a year ago. :(

All we have is Staples or Kinkos.


UPS Store

We don't have an Office Max either. After checking out different copy centers I found I could prepay for copies at The UPS Store and get them for 4 cents each. You do have to pay up front but I like not having to account for a receipt everytime I go in to make copies. Check on prepays at different stores and see what you can find.