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Pampered Chef: Hi everyone-I have a host who wants a show like no one has had before.

  1. nbittermann

    nbittermann Novice Member

    Hi everyone-I have a host who wants a show like no one has had before. She said her guests have been to many shows and doesn't want to make a ring, braid, appetizer, or dessert (b/c of diabetics). what do I do now?? She said something about a wrap or maybe the tapas. I only have the starter kit plus the SS bowls, the chillzane rec server, and a few of the new spring products. I just earned SSM 1 and should get that b4 her party since it;s not till the end of June. Any ideas? Anything would help. Thanks so much!!! Nicole
    May 30, 2005
  2. PamperedEsther

    PamperedEsther Member

    This is a great opportunity

    for you to add some sizzle to your repetoire and come away with one very happy host & a room full of PC- aholics
    If she is the one who suggested the tapas & wraps, I'd go with one of them. (Wraps don't need cooking time so I would encourage that one)

    Have almost everything set out before hand (borrow simple additions & garnishing tools and any other tools or serving peices your might need from your director/recruiter or sister consultant in your cluster. Be sure to return them clean & ready to go asap with a big thank you.).

    Be honest at your show & tell them that "Suzie Q" wanted something really special for her guests, and you're really excited that so many are already familiar with PC! I'd love to hear from all of you what you love about our products... We want this night to be really hands on, so you all can give my favourite products a trial run. Invite them to make their own wraps or tapas, working around the table at stations using all the tools... Do a quick demo of the more unusual tools that not everyone has in their kitchen so far (they can figure out the cheese grater, but may need some instruction with the ultimate slice & grate's features). ANother tip, have the products on the table equal at least $500, and have your theme show, guest special book or flipchart, whatever you're using on the table for people to skim through.

    Don't forget that you still need to offer suggestions throughout & offer the business opportunity as well. There iwll be some "newbies" so let them know that the "regualr" kitchen shows are great fun too, and you're excited to introduce strawberry season with some new recipes, and theme shows...

    The only warning with doing something a little different is to host coach very very well. You will be doing something special for the hostess, get her excited to lfill her dining room (15 people) and gets lots of outside orders (I like to collect them the night of, so we can close that night or the next morning. Most of my hostess collect $500+ in outside orders before the show.) Make sure the hostess buys the groceries for this one - you'll need more if everyone is making their own wrap as opposed to sampling your demo and you don't want to be out of pocket.

    GOod luck & have a great show!!!

  3. Listen to PamperedEster... I will tell you that these types of show (I call them Socials) are the heart of my business. I have more fun, guests have more fun and sales are higher because they are using they products and realizing they can. Definately borrow the US&G if you don't have it for this one. It is a hugh hit when you show them how to use it. (Be sure that your director shows you how to use it first as it is extremely dangerous when not used poperly but one of the best tools that we have in my opion)

    I have been doing more Kitchen Shows lately and I can feel my energy is down and I am more bored than I am when I am doing Social shows. I am waiting for a girl to get back to me on one in particular that I am looking forward to using... grill packets. What I know so far is to set out foil squares in a pile and then have stations for Mexican Fajita, Shrimp Scampi, and Chicken Parm packets. The guests then create their own grill packets using our tools and throw them on the grill for 15 minutes. I will post more details and ingredient lists when I get them.

    Good Luck and once you do a coupe of these types of shows, let us know if you have become a "Social Addict". :)
  4. Brianne

    Brianne Novice Member

    Listen to these girls!

    Theme Shows, or Socials like Dawn calls them, are the most fun shows to do. One of my favorites is the Death By Chocolate or Just Desserts. The guests arrive almost giddy and are on the edge of their seats through the whole demo.

    I borrowed a lot of products from my recruiter/director when I first started. It also helped me see what I really needed to enhance my kit and what items I'd only use occasionally. Any recruiter/director worth their salt will be more than willing to lend you a few items to really help you get your business rolling!

    The PC Files have a lot of different Theme Show flyers and ideas. Take a look!
    May 31, 2005
  5. nbittermann

    nbittermann Novice Member


    Thanks gals! My director also suggested a race type show. I have no idea how to make a wrap- any advice or recipes??

    May 31, 2005
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