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May 7, 2019
Any Toy Story 2 fans out there? (Extra points if you know the next line )

My name is Laura & I signed in May with the QC special after my upline waited patiently for me for a few years! I live in Connecticut with my 16- & 18-year-old boys & fire lieutenant husband of 22 years. I'm not new to PC, DS/SS, or CS--in that order.

I've been buying/hosting PC shows since the early 1990s (I have products that belong in the PC Museum of History!), been involved in direct sales since 1994, & spent a few recent years lurking on this forum before having the guts to actually sign up for an account when I knew I was going to join PC.

You see, I fall in love with companies/products & always want to know "what's coming next" & *gasp!* what's being discontinued. Plus, I hate paying full price for anything! I have so much PC that friends & customers alike always thought I already sold it.

I'm very interested in doing virtual parties as I am somewhat limited in my lifting & lugging abilities. I also love meeting new people at vendor fairs, & besides the lifting & lugging part, they all seem to have amnesia when I call for the follow up.

So I'm excited to be here & to learn from all of you seasoned (pun intended) chefs! ‍ ‍

Thank you!