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Hey guys! I had a party today - had 11 people there which is a great

Apr 4, 2006
Hey guys! I had a party today - had 11 people there which is a great turnout (this was my 7th cooking party) and over all between $500-$600 in sales. The host was a coworker who is a good friend and I was really excited about getting outside of my circle of friends and family but not one person booked a show!!! I did the book to look with an added incentive of a free cookbook if they booked in June. I had two people say to contact them in November - that they MIGHT do a show in December. I did everything - sprinkled seeds of host benefits throughout the show, talked about the host special, and I asked everyone as they checked out if they wanted me to throw a party for them (this is what I say instead of "Would you like to host a party?" - I've found people like that better because it is me doing all the work instead of them and that question just reinforces it). SIGH Oh well. It was a great show otherwise with the $500-$600 going toward my June sell-a-thon, my SS#3 kit, the SS bonus kit I want and of course the cluster challenge so it wasn't a wash at all! I am thankful for the sales, just bummed about the lack of bookings/recruit leads.
OH - did want to share something - if it is difficult for you to ask someone to host a party, as they check out and you are totalling their order, ask if they have hosted a party in the last year so they can use their 10% discount. When they say "no", ask them if they would like to host one!

Bummed but will get past it! :eek:


Mar 27, 2006
I'm sorry you didn't get any bookings. You have some great ideas on getting people to host - your wording is great and asking about the 10% is great too. I have to use that. Thank you for sharing!

You are in SS3? Could have fooled me! You have it together girl. I think this was a fluke. I bet you will have no problem with bookings with your skill and great attitude.


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Oct 11, 2005
Tara: Don't forget to call after they have gotten their products! I have had women say that they would like a show that said no at the show.
Apr 4, 2006
I do make "out-of-the box" calls to everyone so we will see. And I do get email addresses from everyone to send them my monthly e-newsletter that has host specials and promotions that I am doing. It'll all shake out. I was just stunned.



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Dec 1, 2005
Maybe call them when the products get in amd say, "suzy host has your products, I just thought I would let you know. Also, I really need bookings to get my business going, and I am offering a family size quick stir pitcher to the first person that books. Did any of the upcoming host specials interest you?" That way they feel like they are helping you, and have a sense of urgency about booking

janel kelly

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Feb 19, 2005
you know, sometimes you can do more than everything right and you still won't get bookings. its dissapointing but thankfully not every show is like that. keep doing what you're doing and I bet at your next show you'll get bookings.