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Here's a new one.....help needed


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Feb 20, 2005
A friend and fellow consultant has a show tomorrow night that the host has turned into a 'sail'. Not a sale, a sail, on a sailboat. Guess her friends were saying 'I don't really want to go to a PC show" so she said 'how about if we do it on the sailboat and go for a sail too?' ?!?!?!

So of course besides the obvious concern of the guests not really wanting to be there for PC, other concerns have arised.

What to bring since space is limited? Host will have chilzanne with deviled eggs, quick stir with a beverage, a piece of woven. I suggested the barbecue tools (our host special), something in the SA line, the party plates were mentioned and the new chilzanne. What else? My friend is making the Caprese sandwiches and the host will have skewers (ours) with kolbasa and pineapple on them, and some fruit for the new chilzanne I think. But I have NO idea whatelse to tell her to bring besides a piece of cookware and stoneware. She's afraid she'll have to air demo everything since the capreses will be ready to assemble and she'll assemble a couple and let them then do their own. AND there's a guest who is NOT familiar at all with PC.

Also, any ideas to make this Friday night party fun and also 'sail' related? A game, sail theme etc. It's soooo last minute that we're both stumped!



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Feb 17, 2006
I would so love to help, I think I am as stumped as you are...

I wouldn't bring any knives or anything sharp because you will be moving, so that pretty much cuts out the cucumber/lime demo...I think you should just bring what you have in your post and make it casual, when someone is looking through the catalog and says "oh I just love xx" you have your chance to talk about how great it is. It sounds like the guests might be more inclined to purchase if they are not feeling any pressure what-so-ever.

I will say that it sounds like a blast, have fun and don't stress!


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Jan 4, 2005
She doesnt have to bring alot of stuff. I have learned to really scale back what I bring and I honestly think it helps with bookings! A guest may want to see something you do not have and you can say "why not have a show and I'll bring it"...
Tell your friend to bring as much non-breakable stuff as possible. The food she is making is perfect. I wouldnt worry about the SA unless she just bring the small bowls and caddy - too heavy. Maybe one stone to pass around and see. Bring the chillzane, scrapers, BBQ tools, easy read measuring cups maybe. Lightweight stuff.
I think it sounds fun!!!!


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Nov 9, 2005
Be sure to take some of the Micro-fiber towels. They will mop up spills, polish the hardware on the boat, and windows. The Chillzanne Rectangle Server fits
nicely in the Insulated Tote #2137, and would be safe on the boat to prolong
the effects of the Chillzanne. They might be able to use our Clock/Timer #1900 too, if they are racers. Look for our gadgets that a Sailor would use
on the boat, cause they will become your best sellers among their friends who
see they have a new gadget. Our new funnels and the Hot pad trivets would be great too, cause they make pouring easier on the boat, and the trivets keep things from sliding around. The Twixit Clips would be popular to keep snacks fresh on the boat, and other items dry in their bags. Our Kitchen brush
is another great one for scrubbing on the deck. Can you tell, I used to sail? Have a wonderful time.


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Mar 12, 2006
The rect. Chillzanne fits nicely in the rect. Woven Selections server. Show two host specials in one!


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Oct 22, 2005
I would think that there will be no demo. Perhaps just a 15 minute talk about stoneware, cookware, simple additions, bookings and recruiting. This could be really fun but I would make sure that you have good contact info on each guests since there's a good chance they won't be paying attention to booking a party.

I had a wild party a week ago and they had so much fun (not because of me but because of the fabulous spread the host put out) that they are all trying to decide who should do the next one. If attendance is up (which it should be if they can fit) then it should be a good show.